5 excellent games that you can play in an afternoon

With the price that games have, especially the triple A novelties, the more hours of entertainment they offer us, the better, however, if we are short on time, surely, on more than one occasion, just the idea of ​​continuing where we leave them, we can get tremendously lazy that makes us change our minds and start to forget about the game, thus losing the investment that we have done

Whether work or family obligations consume most of our time and, from time to time, we get some free time to dedicate to our hobbies, video games being one of them, we can find a large number of options on the market. through games that lead us few hours to complete them and that we can buy in any game store in digital format.

Little Nightmares

In Little Nightmares we put ourselves in the shoes of Six, the character who stars in this story that takes place on a mysterious ship from which we must escape by passing a large number of tests with the main handicap that we are tiny in a world of giants. This title is translated into Spanish, both the texts and the interface. If we like this title, we can continue enjoying Six’s adventure with the second part, Little Nightmares II. In addition, it is also available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox. For PlayStation we can get it directly from the official Sony store.


Another interesting option that will also take us a few hours to pass is Limbo, a game with a gloomy setting similar to Little Nightmares where our object is to overcome all the tests that prevent us from reaching the end and recovering our little sister. This title is available for PlayStation and Xbox, as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices. The game interface and the texts are translated into Spanish.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable, is a game that takes place in the first person and where we put ourselves in the shoes of Stanley, an office worker who is alone and where he has to decide whether to listen to the voice that he hears in his head or not and where we have to follow a story, or not and the game will end or not, depending on what we do or don’t do. An authentic game madness that can last as long as we want.

The Stanley Parable

What the Golf?

Golf games have always been a classic on mobile devices. But what about we take them to the absurd in a PC game? Well, we find What The Golf? a game with the same mechanics as any other Golf game that we can find in mobile systems, but bordering on the absurd, having to overcome unusual objects and giving us all kinds of surprises. Although the game is in English, the language will not be a problem to fully enjoy this minigolf game and completely overcome it in a few hours.

Mighty Goose

If we don’t want to spend the little free time we have spinning our heads and we like two-dimensional arcade platform games, the title we’re looking for is Mighty Goose, a game where we can play the skin of an armored goose and robotic arms that have to defeat all the enemies they face moving through the scenarios walking, running or with vehicles. In addition to for PC and XboxIt is also available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation through their respective online stores.

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