5 features a VPN must have to be secure and private

What should a good VPN look like?

We have a wide range of options when installing a VPN. There are free and paid. There are also those that work faster or have more problems and cuts. but there are some factors that must be essential when you choose such a program and make the most of its usefulness.

no registration

A very important point in a VPN is that do not store logs. This will ensure that your privacy when browsing is really protected and that no data of any kind is leaked. It depends on the service you use, since the registration policy can vary from one to another. Generally the free ones store information.

What does this mean? They will save data such as your real IP, name, e-mail, the location from where you connect, etc. They can use that to sell it to third parties and make a profit with it. That is why it is more common for free applications to store a log of those who use their service. It is one of the reasons why a VPN can be unreliable.

Many servers available

It is also important that you see if the VPN you are going to use has multiple servers which you can connect to. Being able to choose between different options will ensure that you can reach a higher speed and that there are no cuts. Sometimes a particular one may not work well in your location or have limitations.

This will also allow you to connect across different countries. If you need to bypass geo-blocking to get to a site that only works in a certain territory, you’ll have more options if you use a VPN that has many servers and countries that you can connect to.

good speed

Of course speed is an essential factor. It is true that whenever we use a VPN the speed it will decrease, but this can be aggravated if you use an application that does not work well, that has connection limitations and does not allow a minimum quality to be achieved.

Therefore, you should always look at the speed of a VPN. You can try doing a speed test and if you see that what you get is very limited and does not work for the use you are going to give the connection, you should try another program until you get one that works as fast as possible.

Multi platform

It is also interesting that the VPN you choose is multiplatform. Today we do not only browse from a specific device, such as a computer or a mobile; the normal thing is that we connect to several throughout the day. For example a laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet…

If that VPN program is cross-platform, you will be able to use it on all these devices. You will always be protected and you will be able to avoid geo-blocking when you browse the Internet and use a service that may have some limitation in the territory where you are.

good encryption

Encryption is essential to make the connection secure and that there can be no leaks when browsing. For example, prevent an intruder on the network from seeing where we are browsing. But the type of encryption and its algorithms that the VPN uses is going to be important for avoid problems. For example, 256-bit AES encryption will be better than 128-bit encryption.

There are different types of encryption protocols. Some of the most used in VPN and that give better results are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec or IKEv2. The browsing speed can also be affected by using one type of protocol or another, so you should see which one the program uses.

In short, these 5 factors must be taken into account if you are going to use a VPN. In this way you will ensure that the speed is adequate and of course you will avoid security problems that could put your personal data at risk.

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