5 functions of your iPhone with iMessage that you may not have known

We cannot say that Apple’s messaging application is one of the most popular of the company nor is it one of the most used, and although it is true that it has certain points to improve, it also hides certain functions that, at the very least, will encourage you to give it an opportunity. In this post, we tell you 5 things you need to know and what you can do with iMessage.

Best iMessage features you need to know about

As we were saying, because the Apple Messages app outside the United States is not as popular, many of the functions that it allows to carry out are not known by the vast majority of users, and it really is a shame. Although, as we mentioned, it is far from being the best messaging application for iPhone, iMessage is a great alternative to communicate with those people who, like us, use Apple devices on a daily basis. The fault of this is some of the functions that we are going to show you below and that give this app a different touch.

  • The use of Memoji It’s really fun, and yes, these can also be used in other applications such as Whatsapp or Telegram, but the opportunity to do it interactively, that is, to record yourself while you speak using one of these characters, can only be done through iMessage. In addition, the result is really good and it is a very fun way to surprise your friends or family from time to time.


  • Something that many users do not know is the possibility of start a FaceTime video call directly from the actual conversation you’re having with that person in iMessage. To do this, all you have to do is click on the camera icon located at the top right of the screen.

start video call

  • If you usually use this application to talk to the same people, or you simply want to always have chat with certain contacts accessible, iMessage allows you to pin conversations to the top of the screen. This is really useful, especially since this app is also in charge of collecting all the text messages that arrive to you, so sometimes they can make conversations that you want to have accessible go too far from the first reach. To do this, you just have to press and hold on the conversation you want to pin and click on «Fix».

pin conversations

  • One of the most fun features iMessage provides is the opportunity to send messages with different effects. In addition, the way to do it is very easy, you just have to write the message in the area reserved for it and press and hold the send button. Then a small menu will be displayed for you to choose the desired effect.

Messages with effect

  • Lastly, something you also have to know is that you can react to each of the messages as well as respond individually and create threads within a conversation. This is very useful especially for those occasions in which groups of several people are formed and there is a very fluid conversation. To react, you just have to press and hold on the message in question and choose the reaction you want to transmit. To be able to reply, you still have to press and hold on the message and click on “Reply” again.

reaction and thread

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