5 games with which to play some quick games

It has happened to all of us that, despite the fact that we love video games, we are sitting on the sofa at home waiting to leave, or to make dinner, and we don’t feel like playing one of those games where each game lasts 45 minutes or one hour. We do not have time! We need something shorter, lighter and, if possible, just as fun. So if you are in the same situation, we are going to give you some small recommendations in case they help you.

quick, quick games

Although games are becoming more and more fashionable sandbox that last us hundreds of hours, there are also other shorter ones that can entertain us the same or more and that will not require us to be glued to the screen for more than a few minutes. So with that in mind, and with the little time that we have left, we bring you five alternatives that are waiting for you to discover them as soon as possible. Behold…

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

A game that is as simple to understand as it is effective to enjoy, available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, it has a very attractive graphic section that puts us in the shoes of a cyclist who has to go through a mountain through different phases. The objective? Reach the finish line by racing against the stopwatch so, as you can imagine, the games will not last long and we will be able to resort to it in those dead times that we have daily.

mini meter

It is one of the great titles that we have experienced in recent years. Available for mobile, PC, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, invites us to create a metro network with several lines while transporting travelers from one station to another. Fast, fun and, at times, stressful games due to the number of elements that we must manage, rivers to cross and convoys that come and go on the screen at the same time.

Super Mario Kart 8

What to say about this jewel that already came out in 2014 for Wii U. It has a version for Nintendo Switch (Deluxe) and even a mobile adaptation that is perfect for quick games on the go. Now, on top of that, it has received a DLC with 48 more circuits, so it is the perfect excuse to revisit a classic. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes to take a run?

Tetris 99

Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch is the quintessence of Alexei Patjinov’s original concept, only turned into a competitive multiplayer title between 99 participants. Short and very intense challenges that we will be stung for reaching the highest position in the ranking of each game. Surely you will not find something as fun, fast and easy to enjoy as this little wonder (which is also free with Nintendo Online).

Golf on Mars

And finally, we bring you a game that golf fans will love, although in this case it is a slightly different version that has a feature that has an impact on its playability. Is named Golf on Marsyou have it available for mobile phones and PCs and it goes from that: with a lateral perspective, in 2D, we will have to take the ball to the hole, with the peculiarity that his movement will not be what we expect. That’s because gravity on the Red Planet is less than Earth’s, so every little push we give the ball will send it many, many meters further. Once we get past the first moments of adapting to that particularity, their games become devilishly fun and very short. A hole here, another there…

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