5 gaming chairs with a (very) peculiar design

We tend to think that most regular video game players they invest many thousands of euros annually in their hobby, with impressive screens, colored lights and the most comfortable chairs on the market. However, the vast majority of gamers They use the most basic chairs, office chairs, being the type gaming products that only very specific audiences buy. Brands, of course, want to change that trend, and for that reason, we are seeing more and more normal users get hold of chairs designed for play. So… what do we sell to enthusiasts? Well, brands also have a lot of aces up their sleeves, and these are five very interesting examples of chairs gaming most strange and peculiar.

Puma Active Playseat

We started with a chair cheap and affordable. The Puma Active Playseat is a chair designed for those who get nervous while playing and they can’t stop moving. The product is designed to play with a controller and despite its strange design, so far from what we usually know as a chair gaming, the truth is that it makes a lot of sense. Instead of conventional legs. The Puma Active Playseat makes use of two curved bars similar to what we would see in a rocking chair.

It will not matter how bad you want to sit, because the Puma Active Playseat will know how to adapt looking for the balance point perfect. And its price is not too exaggerated, as it is worth a few $ 179, which, if we compare it with other proposals that we are going to see today, is going to be even cheap.

IkariaDesign Soul Seat

If you usually cross your legs while using the computer, this chair is for you. The Soul Seat promises to put an end to this ugly mania that can cause serious problems back problems, or at least, it will allow you to do it without hurting yourself. The operation is very simple; you just have to sit as L, the researcher of Death note. If you feel like it, then you can also cross your legs, with your back straight and your spine well aligned.

This designer chair is available in a lot of colors, materials and in two sizes. It is suitable for playing, although it is even more interesting to use it for work. Of course, the chair is worth almost $ 1,300, so the physical therapist bill may be more affordable.

Cooler Master Orb X GamePod

Cooler Master Orb X GamePod

This Cooler Master invention is a kind of mechanized egg where we will be able to sit down and place the computer screen in front of us. Supports from a single 49-inch monitor up to a three display setup of 27. It has a system of Integrated 2.1 speakers, your own table to handle keyboard and mouse and all kinds of mechanisms to move the gadget and make it as comfortable as possible. The price of this product is unknown at the moment.

Cluvens IW-SK

Cluvens IW-SK

Although its design may horrify more than one, the Cluvens is one of the most spectacular and well finished chairs that exist today. It works like a dentist chair, and the screens will be in one position and another depending on how we place the back. We can recline it even to the maximum and play totally lying down, in a very ergonomic way. Its scorpion shape makes the Cluvens IW-SK a chair not suitable for all audiences, which would surely have more use with a more sober design. Anyway, it’s worth more than $ 4,000, so we are talking about a very niche chair.

Razer Enki Pro HyperSense

Razer Enki Pro HyperSense

Imagine bringing all the technology of the playstation 5 controller to a chair gaming. Well, that’s what Razer did recently, when it presented at the CES 2022 this peculiar chair. A priori it may look like a standard Razer Enki, but the base of the device is packed with sensors and motors that promise to create a immersion experience like we’ve never seen before. Whole system haptic vibration of the Razer Enki Pro HyperSense chair is made in collaboration with D-Box, an expert company in this type of systems, and that have created a firmware capable of supporting more than 2,000 video games, movies and songs.

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