5 Google Maps tricks that surely you do not know

Since its launch, interesting platforms have reached the market such as Waze (which belongs to Google) to find out the state of traffic and Apple Maps, Apple’s mapping system that had a disastrous launch and that, at present, still has a long way to go. If you want to get him get the most out of Google Mapsboth from a browser and from a mobile device, then we show you the best tricks to do it.

Where have I parked?

Surely, on more than one occasion, we have started to walk around the block looking for our carbut we don’t find it despite being sure we parked it in a certain place, until, after several turns, the exact place comes to mind and we find it.

Google Maps - Parking

One of the most useful functions of Google Maps, especially when we use it from a mobile device, is the possibility of indicate where we have parked Car. To save the location of where we have parked in the application, we just have to open it and click on the blue mark where we are, then select the option save parking.

Travel time

When we establish a route in Google Maps, the application will inform us of the time that we are going to invest at that moment in reach our destination depending on the speed at which we go and the state of traffic.

Google Maps - Arrival Time

This same information is also shown when searching for the destination at any time of the day or night, which allows us to get an idea of ​​the time it will take to avoid arriving late.

Measure distances

If we plan to do a route on foot, we can use the different hiking routes that other people have published on the internet. But if we want create our own route Using Google Maps, we can do it thanks to the function that allows us to measure distances. To access this function, we must place the mouse at the point of origin, press the right mouse button to select the Measure distance option

Google Maps - Measure distances

This function allows us to create all kinds of routes, both for walking or cycling, and knowing in advance what we are going to find along the way. To create a route and find out the distance, we just have to establish the starting point, click on the route option and mark the sites through which we are going to pass so that Google Maps automatically calculates the distance.

Know the business hours

Having a presence on the Internet is currently something necessary, if not mandatory, for any business, since it allows people who are looking for information to know not only what the company does, but also to know what the opening and closing times.

Google Maps - Hours

In addition, it is also an ideal tool for users interested in visiting a specific business or place to know in advance what opinion people who have visited it have in advance. To know both the hours and the ratings of a site on Google Maps, we just have to access its file by clicking on its name on the platform.

location history

Google stores a location history of our mobile device, a location history that allows us to know where we have been and for how long in a certain place. This function allows us to know the places we have visited throughout a day, a week or a year, an ideal function when we don’t remember a place in particular that we especially liked, such as a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a square, a monument or any other reason to highlight.

Google Maps - Location History

Through this function, we can also know the number of times we have been to a certain place and the last time we visited it. If we do not want Google Maps to store this information that is used to display relevant information for us, we can deactivate it from the configuration options.

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