5 ideas to have your Christmas decoration more tech

1. Fiber optic Christmas trees

Of course, you cannot have a tree like the others, nor do you want to cut down anything to decorate a room.

So better these small fiber optic trees, in which the shape of the cables gives the glue very well so that they look like tiny and illuminated fir trees.

You will have several and you can give a Christmas touch to your table, your team of gaming, a shelf and every corner in which you want to put them.

2. Solar powered outdoor Christmas lights

If you want to decorate your house, your facade or your balcony, nothing better than outdoor Christmas lights. However, you are not like the others, you are always up to date and, by the way, you know that it is essential to conserve the planet (and reduce the electricity bill).

Therefore, nothing better than giving an extra technological touch to your Christmas decoration with outdoor lights. solar powered.

In this way, being the brightest on the street will not cost your pocket or the planet anything.

3. Christmas lights and images projector

Another way to decorate for the holidays and demonstrate mastery of technology is by using projection of lights with Christmas motifs. In this way, you can give a special touch without hanging anything and, what is worse, having to collect everything because we are already in March and it has been giving us a terrible laziness.

The best is that it also works for other parties like Halloween, since it can project motifs that are not just Christmas, so take advantage.

And if you think that Christmas has become a holiday very focused on shopping and consumption, fear not. We also have two do-it-yourself projects, for the techies more handymen.

4. The lights of Stranger Things

With this project, you will be able to kill several birds with one stone and show your love for technology, Christmas and Stranger things. In addition, you will leave visitors astonished during these holidays.

A Youtube user, (Of the rudolph), has recreated the famous board that Winona Ryder communicated with in the series. Best of all, you can control what the board says, instead of looking like you’re slowly going crazy.

Take a look at the video and if you like it, here you can find the detailed instructions.

5. Rotating Christmas tree

If you would like to have a Christmas tree, but you don’t have much space or you want to save yourself the trouble, you can build the spinning tree featured in the video above.

Although turned off doesn’t seem like a big deal, the tree effect packs a punch when it turns and turns on its lights, as well as playing a high-pitched Christmas carol that is sure to delight everyone.

As you can see, if you want to celebrate Christmas and your passion for technology, you are not lacking options to have the most Christmas decoration tech.

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