5 iPad problems that remain unsolved

IPads are still one of the best choices when it comes to tablets. In fact, thanks to its increasingly powerful hardware and advances in software, it can partially or even completely replace a computer, always depending on the type of user. However, there are still certain drawbacks that make these continue to look considerably inferior to a computer.

What is missing from the iPad to replace a computer

The arrival of iPadOS 13 in 2019, which was definitively separated from iOS, opened a new path to the iPad operating system. Two years later and despite obvious improvements such as being able to use a mouse or trackpad, there are still certain deficiencies that every year we dream of being solved and that would make almost the entire public now be able to say that they can replace their computer with an iPad .

It is the case of the iPad connection with external monitors, which is possible, but in a somewhat strange way. It is simply allowed to duplicate the content of the screen, without allowing that monitor to be used with content different from that of the iPad itself. Although if this function stands out negatively for something, it is because of the interface it shows, since two black stripes appear on the sides of the monitor that make it look too strange, instead of adapting to the monitor’s image format.

Also in this area are missing floating windows, something that is already allowed in a certain way using Split View and adding a third app, although it is not a real multi-window. Sticky notes also emulate this feeling. Perhaps adding this breaks with what has traditionally been an iPad and is too close to macOS, but there is no doubt that devices with large screens like the 12.9 ″ iPad Pro are too limited without this possibility.

In the same way, a true multitasking in audio. Surprisingly, it is not possible to make a video call while recording audio from it or from the microphone. If we take this to the professional field of a podcaster or a person who wants to record their work meetings, it becomes at least unacceptable that today both actions cannot be performed simultaneously.

To this is added the not being able to have multiple users created. Considering the many families that have an iPad at home that is used by all members, it would be a very useful feature. There could be an account for children to enjoy games, multimedia content and learning apps, while on the other hand, other accounts could be created for adults to use the iPad without mixing the content.

ipados 15 ipad

Finally, it would be necessary for Apple to get fully into adapt Mac apps on iPadOSsuch as Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro. That way I would get many to end up accepting the iPad as a work team. And, despite the fact that a Mac will always be more complete and things will never be done in the same way in one than in the other, both can be even more complementary with the help of tools like these that make their efforts much more bearable.

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