5 iPhone 13 concepts that ended up being fake

And many times this does not happen because they have tried to filter a false image, but the designers themselves often rely on rumors to create their renders in the absence of relevant leaks that reveal it. For this reason, below we bring you all those that have ever come to the fore these months and that, to a greater or lesser degree, have not resembled the final designs.

The best ‘fake design’ of the iPhone 13

We started with a classic already and that is that for the iPhone 12 we already saw some similar designs. Devices like the ones in the image that show a form factor similar to the one that has ended up being the real one, but that its camera moduleshows a LiDAR sensor the same size as the lenses, something that has not really happened. So much so is the exaggeration of this element, that it can even be confused with a fourth camera.

Almost total success in this design, although with drawbacks. The notch It has ended up being reduced, yes, but something more than in this photo. On the back we see that the camera module of the iPhone 13 (or 13 mini) does not seem to fully fit the actual size, but in terms of shape it is very similar. Yes, the Orange that so much was rumored has ended up being a mere rumor (unless Apple launches it later as it did with the 13).

This concept of iPhone 13 Pro does not distract us too much on the front, although it does on the back. The vanilla gold color it does not really exist in this range, having a totally different tonality. But if something draws attention, it is the black encapsulation of the cameras, a resource used by some manufacturers to disguise the multiple lenses, but that Apple has not yet integrated into their iPhone (if in the iPad Pro).

We could not close this compilation without remembering the much rumored iPhone 13 Pro in bronze and rose gold color. The pink arrived, although paler, in the ’13’ and ’13 mini ‘, but not a trace in the’ Pro ‘. Neither the bronze, very beautiful in concepts, has ended up becoming a reality.

And yes, to close this compilation, we remember a concept that was never taken seriously, but that each year becomes relevant to illustrate a futuristic style when creating an iPhone completely covered by the screen. Obviously it has not come true and we do not know to what extent it could be practical, but it is undeniable that it would be one of the most striking on the market.

Note: We do not mention the authors of the designs out of respect for their work, since it is not the intention of this medium to make fun of them but to recapitulate them as a curiosity. In fact, sometimes the media use them to illustrate rumors in the absence of official photographs. In other cases, the name is omitted because they are anonymous contributions whose origin is not entirely clear.

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