5 iPhone functions that come to Spain with Apple Maps

Although we can already find very relevant Apple Maps features, the truth is that for many it continues to lag behind other services such as Google’s. In Spain it is especially remarkable compared to the United States, since news does not always reach our territory. However this year if very interesting news have arrived and will arrive and will be fully available from the iPhone and even on iPad and Mac.

Features that you will soon be able to enjoy on your iPhone

Apple Maps wants to become increasingly relevant around the world and not just in the United States. The strong competition with Google and the lousy beginnings it had back in 2012, which even caused part of the development team to be fired, are the main constraints that the Cupertino company has to make its app rank among the favorites. However, news such as the ones they are presenting at this time are a good example of that bet and that require intense work on the part of the entire team.

Reviewing the list of new features of iOS 15 for iPhone we find a major facelift to Apple Maps. This version is currently in beta and will arrive in September to all users who have an iPhone 6s and later. Nevertheless, some new features of Apple Maps in iOS 15 are now available in versions such as iOS 14.6 and others will be with iOS 14.7 that will arrive in the coming weeks. The five most prominent in our opinion are these:

  • Apple’s street map is here: This function is one of those that can be enjoyed already in iOS 14.6. It is not a novelty as such of the app because it was already in other countries and now it can finally be enjoyed in our territory. It is the alternative to Google Street View by Californians and that will allow us to take a tour of the streets of many cities and towns.
  • New bird’s eye view: This function known as «Flyover» is already available in main cities and in our territory. It allows air navigation as if we were driving a drone or were a bird flying over cities. By the way, as a detail for Atlético de Madrid fans, the already demolished Vicente Calderón Stadium continues to be part of Madrid’s wake with this function.

  • Air Quality Index: Also known by its acronym ICA, this is a feature that will arrive with iOS 14.7 and will also be available in the Weather app. It allows us to know the air quality of the places we visit based on BreezoMeter data.
  • Details while browsing: With the new version of Apple Maps that will arrive in iOS 15 we will be able to have details about the number of lanes of the road on which we circulate, where there are crosswalks, traffic lights and more.
  • Improvements for public transport: When choosing bus, metro, train or any other public transport we can find an improved interface that allows us to view the itinerary in a much more detailed way.

Therefore, if you want to start enjoying these functions, we recommend that you update to the latest version available for your iPhone, iOS 14.6. And, of course, keep updating to 14.7 when it arrives to continue finding news and finally iOS 15 arrives with all the new features of Apple Maps.

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