5 left-handed gadgets you didn’t think existed

Without a mouse, you will not be able to handle your computer very much and, the truth, practically all of them are designed only for right-handed users. But nevertheless, The Logitech M650 Signature has a model for those who have a better left hand.

Wireless with Bluetooth, ergonomic, silent and with the auxiliary buttons on the right side of the mouse, allowing it to be operated better with the left. Without a doubt, the best option if you are left-handed.

Of course, not just any M650 is worth and the ones that online stores have are the usual version for right-handed users. Therefore, it is best to order it in the online store of the brand.

Of course, you can also try with the Kensington Trackball Orbit ergonomic. It is a ball mouse, but symmetrical, which makes it ideal for left and right handed users.

DZW left-handed keyboard

Obviously, where there is a mouse, a keyboard is not far away. And since the numeric keypad is not very useful on the right if your dominant hand is the left, there are models, like this DZW.

Yes indeed, the design is not in Spanish, it is EnglishHowever, if you type without looking at the keyboard and set it to Spanish, there will be no problem. Also, always you can resort to putting stickers on it for the tilde, the eñe, etc.

Too there are ergonomic keyboards for leftiesHowever, in addition to the fact that they are not in Spanish either, it is more difficult to get them. However, it seems that ergonomic keyboards don’t have that much of an advantage over normal ones after all.

Left-handed scissors, the most useful gadget

Mind you, it seems silly, but no. If there is frustrating for a southpaw, at least according to my brother, it is the design of many scissors, which even bothers to use. However, with these for the left hand, the tortilla is turned upside down and they are ideal.

The Arcos Prochef is great for cooking, crafting and opening those damn plastic anti-theft containers of all the others gadgets electronics you buy.

Left-handed laptop table

And if you want the ideal stand to work with all of the above, this portable and movable mouse table is suitable for those who primarily use their left hand.

The key is that the part of the mouse (or the one that serves to put something else auxiliary) can be rotated, placed and adjusted in any way you want, so that can make the table ideal for lefties.

As you can see, the world is still made for right-handers, but, at least, with these gadgets it may not be so uncomfortable if your left hand is your hand.

This content has affiliate links. However, no brand has influenced the development of this list, nor has any other criterion been used than to choose things that are really useful, and not just a curiosity that does not really serve much.

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