5 MCU Characters Who Could Appear In Moon Knight

Moon Knight, or Moon Knight, as you prefer, will be the next Marvel hero to come to Disney + in the form of a series. It will happen on March 30 and except for that data, surely no one knows right now what it will tell us. There are some theories but the most real (from the mouths of those responsible) is that it will not be framed within that UCM in which we are immersed in phase 4.

What characters could appear?

If we take it for granted that he will not have contact with the Marvel cinematic universe, then we would have little to say about the characters that could rear their heads through Disney + fiction, but as it is good not to believe too much what they tell us (in case they don’t want us to take anything for granted and, thus, later feel the surprise with greater or lesser joy), we are going to give five names and their relationship with the protagonist: Marc Specter.

White Vision


The last thing we remember about him is his escape from the final stage of WandaVision and to this day he has not shown any signs of life within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it could very well be a character who has gone far away (London?) where could contact Moon Knight. Another thing is if it is something provoked or accidental.

The Countess

At the end of the movie black widow it became clear that he was going to pull his strings and with Falcon and the Winter Soldier it was confirmed. His statement to John Walker that “things are going to get weird” could be a reference to this Moon Knight that, not another thing, but strange it does seem for a while.

dane whitman

Black Knight.

Better known as the black knightsurely you remember him from that end of Eternals. We can’t think of a better character for Marc Spector and his Moon Knight to join than this hero imbued with the supernatural power of the Ebon Blade. Moreover, as that post-credits scene turned out, it is evident that must have some lace in the new movies or Marvel series.

power agent

This former SHIELD agent, who in the UCM is familiar with the great love of Captain America, has an important role in Falcon and the Winter Soldier where it leaves a little in the air the path it will take. What if in Moon Knight Let’s see to which side of the scale that decision is decanted? Apparently in his last appearances he doesn’t seem to be clear about it and although he gives us the impression that he is on the right track, he is doing the same to finish carrying out his sinister plans. Or not?

dr strange

doctor strange 2

The proximity to the premiere of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It can make us think that, indeed, the two universes are going to have something to do. Not in vain, in the lore of both characters Moon Knight meets Strange in one of his comicsspecifically in number 42, which is entitled Multiverse Madness and in which Marc Spector meets various versions of himself in different universes. You will not say that there is no reason to think that something could unite the two superheroes, right?

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