5 Mega Drive PAL Cartridges That Will Cost You A Fortune To Buy

Mega Drive is one of those consoles from the early 90s that we all keep in our hearts, when the great occurred boom video game market with that mythical fight against Super Nintendo. SEGA’s 16-bit machine continues to be the object of collectors’ desire, as well as many of the cartridges that came out for it.

It vintage it’s fashionable

You all know that the phenomenon vintage is invading everything and that it is increasingly common for those children (now adults) of the late 80s and early 90s who lived through those years to want to recover old sensations by getting machines and cartridges to go back to the old days. Well, although traditionally Nintendo has been (and is) the queen of the most expensive games, in the case of Mega Drive and SEGA, little by little they are climbing positions.

What we bring you today is the top 5 of the most expensive PAL cartridges for Mega Drive Priced to sell for the new, unopened version, should we be able to find a unit in those circumstances. And surely when you see the classification you will be surprised by some other name. Of course, we have only gone to the prices of European games, nothing of NTSC from the US or NTSC from Japan. We will tell you about that in another article.

Come on, these are the five most expensive PAL cartridges from Mega Drive:

5. Daze Before Christmas

This strange game, from Sunsoft no less, It was not a success nor is it remembered for being a glory of Mega Drive, but nevertheless collectors have it on a pedestal and it is valued, brand new with its box and everything, at $1,892 dollars. A bit expensive isn’t it?

4.FX Unit Yuki The Henshin Engine

This game is a Rare avis because it was not released in the lifetime of the Mega Drive, but he did it in 2018, with a limited edition of cartridges that, as you can see, are now extremely sought after. A title that mixes platforms with other genres and that if you want to buy it new, unopened, it will cost you about $2,032 dollars.

3.Fatal Fury 2

One of SNK’s classics for its Neo Geo and arcade games had its edition on Mega Drive, in full fever for fighting games that had its moment of explosion in September 1992 with the launch of Street Fighter II. If you want to have it new, you are going to have to shell out nothing more and nothing less than $2,137 dollars.

2. Mega Man: The Willy Wars

Capcom has many sagas that are blessed glory and one of them is that of Megaman. In Mega Drive it was not lavished as much as in the Nintendo consoles, but we have names as illustrious as this The Willy Wars. If you want to buy it brand new, prepare about $2,226 dollars.

1. The Death and Return of Superman

This title is recurring in the history of Mega Drive and it is the game that is going to cost you the most to get, not only because of finding a unit on the market, but also because of the price it will have. It practically doubles the second with its $4,351 dollars which costs new

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