5 movies that we would like to see in real action after seeing the Pinocchio trailer

2022 will undoubtedly be the year of Pinocchio. In December, the version of Guillermo del Toro, a film made entirely with the stop motion technique, will be released on Netflix. And a few months before, the Pinocchio live-action film by Robert Zemeckis It’s coming straight to Disney+. The first teaser of the film has already been published, and we have been able to see a practically unrecognizable Tom Hanks. Seeing the success that Disney is reaping lately with its animated classics turned into real action… What else would we like to see with flesh and blood actors?

so is the first teaser Pinocchio

Adapting a 1940 classic isn’t easy, but Robert Zemeckis has dared, and we already have a first teaser in which we can get an idea of ​​what the film that will be released this fall with the unbeatable Tom Hanks as the protagonist will be like.

What other animated films would we like to see in real action?

It all depends on taste. The teaser de Pinocchio is full of positive comments towards this new work by Zemeckis, but there are also many users who consider that adapting animated films to live action is absolutely unnecessary.

What is clear is that in convulsive moments, the producers have always pulled the classics that they already know work. Therefore, if this new production ends up being a success, it would not be strange to see both Disney like other studios repeating the experiment.

The little Mermaid

We start with a film that we know will come true. It will star Halle Baileyand will hit theaters on next year 2023. Absolutely nothing is known about the film, and only a couple of photos of the shooting have been leaked.

Snow White

Rachel Zegler

If everything goes according to plan, we will also see Snow White turned into live action. It will be performed by Rachel Zegler. The film will apparently be released in 2023, and already last year it was surrounded by controversy. Some attacked the film for not respecting the racial canons of the original story – the usual, come on. And Peter Dinklage, the one who played Tyrion in Game of Thronesended up modifying Disney’s plans by denouncing that the production would once again feed stereotypes about dwarfs.


Up, excellent Pixar movie

We don’t know if we could survive the two minutes that summarize the life of carl and ellie if he were played by flesh and blood actors. But imagining that house floating above Paradise Falls with thousands of real balloons would be a dream come true for many.



It’s a matter of counting. After Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, aladdin Y mulanthe only Disney classic we don’t know about is Pocahontas. Some core Disney producers have once commented that it would be a very difficult productionbut when all the possibilities are exhausted, we are sure that we will have a live action version.



Now that we know that movies like The Lion King by Jon Favreau are possible—even if it became one of the most expensive movies in history to produce—an even bigger challenge would be bringing Ice Age to live action. For sure, neither Blue Sky Studios nor 20th Century Studios will want to get into this mess, but dreaming is free.

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