5 movies you wouldn’t believe were box office hits

The cinema, like almost everything in this life, is measured by numbers. If something is brilliant, but doesn’t make money, we can say goodbye to seeing a sequel. And, of course, it also happens the other way around. Today we will not talk about good or bad movies, but about feature films that grossed a lot of money considering expectations that were handled before its release.

These 5 Movies Raised More Money Than You’d Think

Here is the selection. Which one surprises you the most?

Toy Story 4

The Toy Story movies have always been brilliant, there is no doubt about that. But the fourth part did not look particularly good in the trailers.

Well, you will be surprised to know that this is the film that has raised the most money from this franchise. 1,073 million of dollarsa little more than toy Story 3. Forky checked out Woody, Buzz, and even Mr. Potato.

Furious 7

That a Fast and Furious movie is a box office is something that should not surprise us too much. But what is somewhat striking is that the seventh installment of the franchise is also the 10th highest-grossing film in history.

The reason for the success of this film was none other than the death of Paul Walker. Many people went to the cinema to say their last goodbye to the actor. And others, because of the curiosity of thinking that half the film was made with CGI, since Walker died when filming was halfway done. In any case, the feature film grossed more than $1.5 billion. Almost as much as the first Avengers.

World of Warcraft: The Origin

We are facing a special case. they will tell you that Warcraft: The Origin it was a failure. His grades were terrible, especially from the professional criticism. In the United States, the film barely grossed 48 million dollars. Why is it in this top then? Hadn’t they asked for poor Duncan Jones’s head?

As well, Warcraft: The Origin It was a failure, yes. But only in the United States. Shortly after receiving humiliating reviews and disappointing half the planet, the film was released in China. Finally, the adaptation of the video game to the big screen was made with figures of $439 million. It may not seem like much considering the numbers we talked about a few lines ago, but Legendary Pictures quickly changed his mind when he saw his investment recover as if by magic. Apparently, they have even dusted off the project for the second part.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory

We have another case similar to Toy Story 4. Finding Nemo It’s not exactly a brilliant movie. At the time, we liked it for the quality of the animation and for some jokes, but it’s a film that doesn’t particularly stand out in the Pixar catalogue.

Finding Dory is a purely anecdotal film which went on to raise considerably more money than the original. 1,028 million dollarsfive times your budget and twice as much wall e, for making a painful comparison.

Captain Marvel

Before the premiere of this movie, we were able to read all kinds of barbarities from some who consider themselves Marvel fans —as is happening with Lightyear this week, to give us an idea. So much so that many came to think that Carol Danvers would take a hit at the box office. And the opposite happened. Only in the United States, the film he recovered 100% of his investment in the first weekend. Then it was done with a total of 1,128 million dollars. These are figures similar to those The return of the King.

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