5 new features of the iPhone 13 that surely we will not see

September is the month marked in red by every Apple fan and by the company itself. Except for surprise, this year will once again be the month in which the new iPhones are unveiled. And given that we are already just under two months away from the possible presentation event, we ventured to talk about the characteristics of these devices that, at least to this day, seem already discarded and yet they would have been very well received.

What the iPhone 13 won’t bring (unfortunately)

Thanks to the leaks that take place throughout the year, the margin of surprise for companies like Apple is decreasing. Obviously we cannot say that we already know the new Apple smartphones, but a good part of their characteristics. But what are those features that many would love to see and probably won’t see?

  • Touch ID on screen: Despite being one of the foreseeable star functions of this year, several analysts with sources close to Apple came out several weeks ago, ruling out this possibility. It would not have been amiss considering that masks are still necessary and that Face ID is not the best unlocking method in these cases.

  • Changes in storage: Although it was rumored at one point that Apple could change something in this regard, it seems that we will have the same memories as last year. 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, while the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ would have 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Therefore, the base of the standard models will not be increased nor will it reach 1 TB in the ‘Pro’ as surely many were waiting for.
  • 120 Hz on all models: and yes, it seems that at last the higher-end models will incorporate this refresh rate, leaving behind 60 Hz. However, it is not so clear that they will be added to the ’13’ and ’13 mini ‘models. A shame for many who were waiting for it in those ranges, but something understandable for being a potential differentiating factor between the devices.
120 hz iphone 13

Image from MacRumors

  • Ultra wide angle selfie camera: A server that writes these lines would not rule out that this lens that we already have in the iPad Pro 2021 ends up arriving, but if we stick to the leaks only, it has not been commented at any time that any of the four new iPhones will incorporate such a feature .
  • Higher magnification telephoto lens: Although it seems to be a somewhat confusing trend, the truth is that practically any high-end of the competition offers a greater optical zoom than the iPhones do. And although there will be improvements in this year’s models, it does not seem that the Telephoto lens is going to change much.

As we said before, we do not know everything about the new iPhone and therefore it is not ruled out yet that some of these functions will end up arriving. However, and in order not to create false hopes, we are sorry to be pessimistic about it. As someone would say, all the fish is already sold and it seems that Apple has already definitively discarded those options.

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