5 originally digital games that ended up having a physical version

In recent years many companies have chosen to release their games only in digital format. It is the case of studies that are starting, which need to save costs and that’s why getting only to Steam, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or the Nintendo eShop gives them life because they don’t have to make huge investments. Now, what happens to those users who only contemplate buying video games in physical format?

Calm down, you can continue playing them

Examples like the recent strayout this July for PC, PS4, and PS5, or Among Us, born in digital stores for mobiles, have brought back to the present all those games that were planned with a single digital release to, later and thanks to the success achieved, arrive in physical format, be it a Blu-ray disc, DVD or cartridge for Switch. So if you think We are going to remind you of several examples that began to be sold only in digital stores and, with the passing of the months, they also ended up arriving at the stores of a lifetime. You remember?

Damn Castile

We could consider him the father of this fashion. the clone of Ghost ‘n Goblins made in Spain it won the prize of having physical editions specials that delighted the gamers most attached to having a box, a disc or a cartridge to use with their consoles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

The success of this release, which arrived a few weeks ago in digital format, has been explosive and has served to win the possibility of having it physically with some amazing editions marketed by Limited Run. Without a doubt, a game that deserves to be seen on our shelves of great games from recent years.


This Spanish game, created by an indie studio located in Madrid, also reached its goal of being distributed in physical format thanks to the Pixel Love company, which has versions for each of the consoles for which it came out. This is PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


This fun title released three years ago He also managed to make the players fall in love, despite the fact that it was only marketed in a strictly digital format. Its isometric graphics, its game mechanics, unleashed action and a good price did the rest. Now, how could it be otherwise, the popular outcry led to its materialization finally being won in a physical game that you can still buy on the Limited Run website.


This wonder called unpacked it is one of those games that mark one, First, because of its simplicity, because of the very basic idea that it offers but that is tremendously fun and, at times, relaxing and exciting. The thing is to order different rooms of a house that changes as our protagonist grows: first her games room in her parents’ house and later the different floors that she occupies in each phase of the life progression of she. Student residence, shared apartment, own house with a partner, then the children arrive… Its success and popularity allowed it to earn its physical edition.

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