5 passages from The Last of Us series that are identical to the game

5 passages identical to the game

The truth is that HBO had it quite easy because Naughty Dog’s work with The Last of Us it was already portentous at the timeopting for a much more adult narrative and far from what was being styled within the video game industry, so the showrunners they had a lot of material to hold on to without fear of failure. Of course, from here it is possible that Let’s reveal some SPOILERS of the original plot so we recommend that you do not continue reading in case you do not want to know more (or you do not remember it anymore).

Joel’s watch

The work of reproducing the universe of The Last of Us has been so faithful even Joel will have his old watch on his wrist with the two strokes passing through your glass. An element that in the exclusive PlayStation game serves to emphasize the harshness of the events it is experiencing and that you can also feel in the HBO series.

The quarantine escape zone

The scene of the escape area of ​​the quarantine zone It looks like a carbon copy of what we could enjoy in the games from 2013, 2014 and this 2022 with the remastered version for PS5 (oddly enough, we are still waiting for a PC adaptation). An apocalyptic scenario, devastated and through which Joel and Ellie must move quickly to avoid humans and beasts.

The Last of Us Left Behind

Ellie and Riley in Left Behind

In the trailer you can see one of the key sequences of the DLC left-behind of The Last of Us based on the experiences of Ellie, where we see the protagonist of the game enjoy for a moment a kind of normal life on a carnival carousel, along with her friend Riley. A moment especially charged with symbolism that HBO did not want to leave out of the series.

The truck with a shovel and the message “run”

That kind of armored truck with a shovel to destroy everything in its path will also appear in the HBO series, including that rather expeditious “run” message. That yes, when we see it in the series we will not have to be the ones who control the action… it will have been the showrunner the one who has decided how the thing will end.

Ellie will be captured by cannibals

As you will remember from the game, the new apocalypse will produce different tribes in record time that will spread through cities, fields and towns that will see Joel and Ellie arrive. Y cannibals will be one of those stages that it will be our protagonist’s turn to live, who, again and as was the case in the Naughty Dog video game, will fall into the clutches of these beasts, leaving us with the question of whether in the series… the outcome will be different.

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