5 PS5 accessories you probably didn’t even know existed

The accessories world It covers a range of products that on many occasions we do not understand, but that in most cases for some strange reason have their audience. Typically, accessory manufacturers look to the popularity of a great product to try to attract attention in a simpler way, and if they succeed, they do it through the front door. And of course, with PS5 it was not going to be less.

Beyond official accessories

The catalog of official PS5 accessories is quite concise. We have the Pulse 3D wireless headset, the charging base for the DualSense controllers, the webcam, the new colored DualSense, the multimedia control and little else. And, what else is needed to enjoy this fantastic console? Well, according to some manufacturers a lot, and if not, take a look at all the gadgets and accessories that you can buy for the console.

An anti-scratch silicone case

Much has been said about the need for a black PS5 model, but at the moment there is nothing that comes out of the Sony offices. Of course, there are many third-party cases and covers, as is the case with this silicone case that promises to protect the original case from bumps and scratches.

Its manufacturer ensures that the design of the cover does not affect the vents, however, we do not know to what extent a layer of this thickness could affect the internal temperature of the console.

Transport bag for PS5

We already know that the size of the PS5 is tremendous, so it is not a console that we can easily carry around. Even so, this manufacturer has decided to create a transport bag in which to store the console, two controls, the connection cables, headphones and even the base to place the console horizontally and vertically.

Camouflage protection cover

If you are one of those who turns off the router when you go to bed, this accessory is probably what you were looking for to keep order. It is a protective cover that completely covers the console when you are not using it. It includes a small front opening from which we can connect the controls and headphones to let them recharge the internal battery when we are not using the console. It is important to understand that this cover is only used with the console turned off, never in operation.

Vertical stand with cooling

PS5 has an official base that allows you to safely place the console both vertically and horizontally, however, this manufacturer believed that the ideal in this case was to maintain the stability of the console, help cooling the console and offer an extra function such as charging the internal battery of the DualSense.

Wall mount for PS5

Yes, the console is very large, and there are users who do not have the adequate furniture (or space) to be able to place the console, so the only solution is to take it to the wall. With this peculiar metal support, we can place both the digital and the normal version and grab the console to the base with the help of a single screw.

It also has some hangers to support two DualSense controllers and even headphones, so you will have everything gathered and nothing messy.

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