5 reasons to buy an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a device that thousands and thousands of people carry on their wrist daily and that, although apparently it is nothing more than a watch, inside it hides functions that with use become practically essential. For this reason, in this post we want to give you up to 5 reasons why you should buy an Apple Watch.

This is how the Apple Watch helps you in your daily life

It happens to many users that before buying the Apple Watch they wonder what this Apple smart watch is really for, beyond telling the time and performing some more specific task at a specific time. Well, the truth is that a device as small as the Apple Watch hides inside a series of functions that, apparently, can go completely unnoticed, but once you use them and, above all, you immerse them in your day to day life. they become indispensable. Here are five of them.

  • One of the main uses for which the Apple Watch is served is to be able to control and manage incoming notifications on your iPhone. This is really useful, since it will allow you to be able to identify when you have to take your smartphone out of your pocket, backpack or bag to reply to a message, send an email or take a look at the publication that one of your creators has just made. favorite content.
  • Spinning with the possibility of managing notifications, another of the most common uses and that everyone knows of the Apple Watch, is the possibility that it gives users both answer and make calls from the wrist. Also, depending on the model of Apple Watch you have, you may or may not need to have your iPhone nearby. This is really convenient in both cases, since many times when you receive a call you don’t have the possibility to take the phone out of your pocket, while with the Apple Watch you only have to touch the screen to talk to that person. In the same way, if you have the Apple Watch LTE, you won’t need to have your iPhone nearby to make a call, you can go for a run without it and with the peace of mind of being able to communicate through your watch.

  • Apple is a company that cares a lot about people’s health, and the Apple Watch is a true reflection of that. A fundamental part of good health is daily activity, and the Apple Watch is a device that encourages you to move thanks to three activity rings with which it counts. You will continually be receiving warnings if you are not making enough movement (depending on the configuration you have made).
  • If we talk about Health, obviously we must mention the numerous functions provided by the different sensors that each of the models have. Obviously, in this sense, everything will depend on the Apple Watch you have, but for example, you can measure your blood oxygen, your heart rate or even do an electrocardiogram.

Apple Watch Series 6

  • Finally, the Apple Watch can become your new ipod. Apple gives all users who have this device the possibility of downloading different songs and playlists on the watch, so that if you want to go play sports, or just want to listen to music, you don’t have to have yes or yes. the iPhone next to it. It is worth downloading them, connecting your AirPods to the Apple Watch and playing them.

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