5 reasons to buy the Magic Keyboard for iPad

As time goes by, Apple provides the iPad with more and, above all, better accessories so that users of this device are able to get the most out of it given its enormous versatility. For this reason, in this post we want to give you 5 reasons why you should buy the Magic Keyboard.

For this it is worth

That the Magic Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for iPad no one doubts, however, and as always happens with all technological devices, there are gadgets that are not for everyone. But hey, in this post we will talk about the opposite, that is, in which cases it is worth buying this Apple keyboard.

  1. His design it is really spectacular. It is noted that it is a product conceived, designed and manufactured by the Cupertino company, since it does not lack any type of detail. It maintains all the lines that make a recognizable Apple product.
  2. the keyboard itself It is a comfort, and beware that Apple has had a hard time getting to this point. If we look back we have seen how the Cupertino company has not always been right with the mechanisms that it includes in its keyboards, but in this case they have hit the nail on the head.Apple Magic Keyboard
  3. The comfort when it comes to using the iPad together with the Magic Keyboard it is total, both because of how robust it is despite its fragile appearance and because of the different angles at which you can place the device.
  4. trackpad that it has is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding points. It is full of possibilities for the iPad, especially for those users who have this equipment as their main device, since it brings the experience very close to what a traditional laptop would be. The gestures that you can do on it are really intuitive, increasing the speed and productivity when using the iPad considerably.ipad pro 2021 and magic keyboard
  5. compatibility of this Magic Keyboard means that many more users can bet on this keyboard as the best possible accessory next to the iPad. It is not only reserved for the iPad Pro, but it can also be used by all users of an iPad Air that have the new design.

Let’s talk about the price

Something that is evident is that the Magic Keyboard not a cheap productalthough really what you have to focus on is if this keyboard really deserves the price it has, which by the way, varies depending on the iPad model you have, since it does not cost the same if it is for the 11-inch iPad Pro or iPad Air, which is for the 12.9 iPad Pro.

magic keyboard and ipad pro 2021

The price of Apple products is always the subject of criticism and debate, and this case is no exception. The reality is that the keyboard is expensive, mainly because there are similar options that have a relatively lower price. However, the experience that this Magic Keyboard is capable of offering, there is no other keyboard that is capable of providing it in the same way, combining functionality and design in a really attractive body. Therefore, and as we always want to emphasize, it is a personal matter for each one, depending on their use and needs, whether it is really worth buying this Magic Keyboard. (

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