5 reasons to give ourselves to Resident Evil 4 Remake without question

Two years have passed since Capcom released the eighth installment of its most prolific saga of survival horror and now, a few days after another planetary event, the shadow of one of the resident Evil most remembered. The fourth part returns with a Remake what is blessed glory and once again raises the flag of Japanese classics high.

Behind you imbesile

It’s been almost 20 years since resident evil 4 it transported us to rural Spain and made us afraid of a bunch of angry villagers. Now, Capcom, in its effort to recover the most classic titles of the franchise to the ways and uses of the new generations, gives us back a superb title, with its expressions in badly said Spanish and everything. However, although the word remake be present, do not go thinking that it is just a facelift of the original game and that’s it.

That is why here we bring you five reasons to redeliver ourselves to Resident Evil 4 Remake looking askance at the original game and that you should take into account. Nothing more to say, let’s start.

Changes in the design of some characters

As usual with this series of remakes of resident Evil, the vast majority of the characters have had a small redesign to better fit the new consoles. In the case of the new title, the most notable work has been that of Ashley, who, despite preserving her essence, has undergone the odd minor change.

An improved combat

Like any title from 20 years ago, the combat was not the most natural that we say. Now, with the new generation consoles, the roundhouse kicks that Leon Kennedy gave to the farmers from La Mancha are more forceful. Additionally, the famous laser sight on Leon’s weapon now allows more precise and comfortable aiming.

extended zones

One of the few complaints that could be attributed to the original game is that some areas were very underdeveloped, especially those that served –for example– as shelter for a boss. However, in the new version, it does not matter if it is a room in which you are two hours or two seconds that will be developed to its maximum potential.

Ashley is no longer a nuisance

Without a doubt, the thing that annoyed the fans of the original game the most in 2004 were the sections in which we had to escort Ashley, which sometimes it seemed that it was thrown at the enemies on purpose. in the new remake the artificial intelligence has been redone from the ground up and now this character will be much more proactive in staying alive. Well done Capcom.

Secret changes in history?

Finally Capcom has decided to make some small changes to the story of the game. Which are? We will not tell you since the company has decided to keep them under lock and key -and confidentiality clauses- until the game goes on sale.

And you? do you feel like playing Resident Evil 4 Remake?

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