5 reasons to use the WhatsApp or Telegram application in front of the web

In the beginning, these elements were designed so that we could make the most of them from our mobile devices. However, thanks to their enormous success, they have gradually spread to other devices and operating systems. In this way, at this time we have the possibility of accessing many of these messaging solutions directly from their official website. For this we only have to have an internet browser and access the corresponding web application online.

But that’s not all, since at the same time we have a series of clients or official Telegram or WhatsApp applications that we install on our computers. Therefore, what was originally intended to serve as communication channel from our mobile, has become an increasingly useful multi-device platform. Despite having a web version, as we have mentioned, most users choose to install these applications as a local client.

In fact, the local application that we install for our instant messaging platform offers us many advantages over the web. Next, we will talk about some of the most interesting so that you can get the most out of these services To communicate with others.

Why install and use the local messaging app

To begin with, we will tell you that, if we use the application of that messaging platform, it will not be necessary to use third-party programs. The web version requires a browser, with its restrictions, configurations and personalized modes of use. These parameters can sometimes become a serious problem when using our favorite instant messaging service. Another very important section that we must take into consideration is that customizable functions of the official app they are usually much older.

This will allow us to configure the client and adapt it to our needs both on a functional level and on an external aspect. The truth is that as other software sectors are, web applications are usually much more limited in this regard. At the same time those who take maximum care of their privacy, they should opt for the official application of the platform. Whether we like it or not, the web version relies on security, privacy, and third-party vulnerabilities in all of this.

Another advantage that the client offers us is that we can configure the corresponding messaging service application so that starts automatically alongside Windows. This will allow us to be able to use the platform directly when taking out our computer. As you can imagine, this system is much more comfortable than having to access the browser and load the web with your username and password. Finally, we will tell you that these local applications usually receive updates and improvements before than your web version. That way we benefit from the latest security features and enhancements that its developers have released.

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