5 reasons why Windows stops responding

Under normal conditions, in our computer we have an operating system, generally Windows, stable and working in optimal conditions. That is what happens in most cases and is the most desirable for users, but unfortunately it is not always the case.

There are times when the software offered by the giant Microsoft suddenly stops responding, which becomes a problem. This is something no one wants to see on their computer, be it for home or professional use. And that is when he operating system stops workingAs a general rule, this is something that affects the rest of the applications that we have installed. In short, we could say that the PC is no longer an essential element in our work to become something problematic.

In addition, we must take into account that the reasons why windows stops responding in our team they can be the most varied. Next, we are going to talk about some of the most common reasons why this happens. All this will serve you to try to avoid, as far as possible, these potential reasons and thus ensure that the system failures do not happen

Reasons why Windows is suddenly not responding

Here we expose some of the most widespread and common reasons why the Microsoft system may stop responding or crash.

Erroneous modifications in the registry: The database that corresponds to the registry of the Microsoft operating system is a very sensitive element. Sometimes we make changes through your editor without having deep knowledge of these changes. By these we mean that removing or varying certain registry entries of Windows can cause crashes.

The arrival of some types of malware: there are many types of malicious codes that can reach our PC. Some simply deliver advertisements, while others steal personal data, or make our computer stop responding. Hence precisely the importance of keeping an antivirus installed and updated at all times.

Installation of certain programs: Depending on the edition, the architecture, or the state of our Windows operating system, the installation of certain programs can cause serious problems. Also, if we have a somewhat limited team in terms of hardware specifications internal, or simply old, the arrival of some very demanding program can cause the system to stop responding.

Delete system files: When doing any type of cleaning on our computer based on Microsoft software, we must be careful. It may be the case that we delete some important files or folders for the operating system itself and it stops responding. Generally, these contents are usually protected by means of established internal permissions, but with everything and with it, we should not delete anything that we do not really know what it is.

A faulty update: Despite their importance, Windows Updates sometimes present significant problems. As a general rule, they are usually specific failures that Microsoft ends up resolving in a short time. But in some cases we have been able to verify that these software elements that reach our computer cause major blockages that result in Windows stopping responding.

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