5 reasons you have to see Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is not just football

The AFC Richmond It is the club that signs Ted Lasso, an English football club that can make you think that the series revolves around him. Well, it is true that the beautiful game has a lot of presence, but it only serves as a connection point for everything that really wants to tell and that deals with how people can help each other to grow, to improve, to overcome their fears and problems.

So if you don’t see it thinking it was a football series, forget that because it isn’t. Ted Lasso doesn’t require you to know the sport, its rules you don’t even like it a bit. So give it a try because it won’t let you down.

A series that comforts

Ted Lasso is one of those series that comforts you, despite the occasional moment of those that leaves you touched. But, in general, its optimistic character makes you always have a good taste in your mouth and even want to face your days in the same way as many of its characters and, especially, its main protagonist played by Jason Sudeikis.

That is the main reason why you should watch the series. Because with so many fantastic series, with dramas that leave you badly bodied and other common genres, it is very difficult to find comedies of this type and with this quality.

Protagonists with force

If Ted is the main protagonist and who gives name to the series itself, we cannot ignore the rest of the characters that appear in it. Some have more weight than others, but in general all contribute their bit to make it one of the most successful productions of Apple TV and the audiovisual scene today.

Nonetheless, the protagonists of the series they play a very important role. Rebecca or Keely are two heavyweights who bring a lot of value to the story. Moreover, in part they are two of the people who support everything that Ted Lasso means from the point of view of friendship, improvement and that demonstration that you cannot always be well and nothing happens because of it, because everything adds up. and help.

Chapters of only 20 minutes

There are many users who have quite a complicated agenda and that prevents them from watching as many series as they would like, because on average the 45 or 50 minutes no longer take them away from most of them. However, the chapters of Ted lasso They are quite short, about 20 minutes usually last and that is a perfect time for many moments of the day.

If you want to watch a while you eat, even when you do it at the office, you can. Also if you want to see it while you are on your way to class or to work on public transport. Because 20 minutes are easy to get out on many occasions if you are one of those who like to start and finish a chapter without having to do in stages like others.

Lasso, Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso Premier

Finally, the reason that could be more than enough for you to decide to watch the series: Ted lasso. Yes, its main protagonist gives plenty of reasons to watch the series. Of course, until you do it, you do not understand why this is said, although we already warn you that a few chapters will be enough for you to think the same.

These are five reasons to watch Ted Lasso, but we could give you many more. However, it does not make much sense to try to convince you when we are almost sure that after the first chapter you will already be completely hooked on a series that you can see quickly. Of course, we are not responsible for the feeling of emptiness that you may have after finishing the second season.

Where to see Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is an exclusive series on Apple TV +. To see it you have to subscribe to Apple’s streaming service. This is available on platforms such as macOS, tvOS, iOS, iPad OS as well as Android, Windows and some of the main operating systems for Smart TV.

The price of the subscription to the service is 4.99 euros and although the catalog is not very extensive, there are high-quality series such as The Morning Show, See, For All Making and Foundation, among other.

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