5 Safari Tricks You Need To Know

Safari is the best browser in the world for Apple devices and anyone who says otherwise probably hasn’t realized its full potential. In this sense, Apple’s native app includes functions and tricks that you probably don’t know about. And, therefore, in this article, we are going to know some incredible tricks that allow us to improve productivity, enjoyment and efficiency when working with it.

favorites bar

Safari allows you to generate “shortcuts” to the favorites bar for quick access to them. To add our reference websites, we just have to go url from the address bar to the favorites bar. You can also organize them in folders to keep them organized and accessible. To create a smart foldergo to Bookmarks > Add Smart Folder and configure the parameters you have to have that folder.


Screenshots and reader view

Another of the most interesting tricks that Safari offers is the possibility of take full screenshots of a website in question and be able to send it in PDF format, generating a much more complete and professional file. To do this, you have to press Command + Shift + S and select “Export as PDF”, as well as determine where the file is stored. The resulting file will include the whole page, even the sections that are not visible on the screen.

Along with this function, Safari offers us the reader view function, since it allows us to remove ads, images and non-essential elements from a web page. To activate it, click on the icon “Reader” in the address bar. You can also customize the appearance of the reader view in «Preferences» > «Websites» > «Reader mode».


Pins tabs

Pin tabs or pin tabs is a useful feature in Safari that allows you to keep your websites more used and accessible at all times, facilitating the day to day when we are going to get to work. Let’s see how you can pin a tab in Safari.

  1. Opens Safari on your Mac and navigate to the website you want to pin.
  2. Once you are located on the site, right-click on the website tab.
  3. Finally, in the menu appears the option of “Pin tab”. You will then see the tab move to the top of your tab bar and shrink to show just the website icon.

mac safari

In case you want close uFor a pinned tab, simply right-click on the tab and select “unpin tab” or drag the pinned tab out of the pinned tabs section.

This function is very interesting and recommended because the windows remain open and unchanged even when you close and open later or another day. This is especially useful for websites that you use frequentlysuch as your email or the web pages you need in your work as Material Design.

Smart Tracking Prevention

Safari includes a privacy feature such as “intelligent tracking prevention”. This feature is designed to reduce the amount of data that third-party websites can collect about you. To activate this function you have to perform the following two steps:

  1. In the Safari app on Mac, choose Safari > Settings, then click Privacy
  2. Select Prevent cross-site tracking.

Activating this function causes the third-party cookie blocking, which means that they cannot track your activity. Furthermore, Safari implements an approach sandboxing for the websites. This means that each tab you open in Safari is isolated from the others. Therefore, if a website tries use a trackerit cannot access data from other tabs.

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