5 Science Fiction Comics Everyone Should Read

When we talk about comics, we often automatically translate in our brains that we are going to refer to either DC or Marvel but, in reality and as many of you already know, there are countless publications, characters, authors and hidden wonders that are far from those well-known sagas and that allow us to dive into small universes that are just as rich in adventures. So we have decided to collect five that we recommend you read, because they will surely bring you pleasant surprises.

These are 5 sci-fi comics you should read (or at least discover) several times in your life:

Galactic Battlestar 1880

You are right. It exists and someone has dared to do it, an adaptation of Galactic Battle Star, which was the first movie to hit theaters in the late 70s only here it transforms much of the space technology into a fun steampunk with robots, ships and devices that move thanks to the power of steam engines. A new way to enjoy a space opera from another time in a completely different way.


And we continue with comics that show us historical events in a way that is significantly different from what really happened. arrowsmith takes us to a kind of First World War where Columbia (USA) and Prussia engage in a conflict where the main weapons are dragons and, also, sophisticated technologies powered by steam engines. all an imagery steampunk incredibly creative that is back in fashion among many comic book authors.

Xenozoic Tales

in this selection could not miss a future world completely annihilated by an apocalypse that has left the Earth a wasteland but, curiously, is inhabited by dinosaurs. From this work, which was initially published in 1986 by Mark Schultz, one of Capcom’s most recognizable video games for arcade machines was born, as it was Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Although not yet 40 years old, this Xenozoic Tales it is a complete classic.

Hauteville House

HAuteville House It was the name by which writer Victor Hugo’s exile home was known, and this comic is a reminder of why he came to live in such a situation. The story takes us to a world of science fiction steampunk where a group of rebels faces the evil troops of Napoleon III. This little wonder offers us everything: adventures, suspense, spy plots, battles and an elaborate universe where the most incredible and impossible devices of that alternative 19th century that it suggests appear.

v for Vendetta

And we come to the last recommendation. I’m sure many of you have seen the successful movie based on the comic book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, but we propose that you immerse yourself in that original universe that you can only find in comics published from 1980. So if you want to know more about the protagonist, that “Doll” that puts in check the authorities of that dystopian world in which the story takes place and that is quite similar to what George Orwell imagined with his 1984.

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