5 science fiction series you should watch now on HBO Max

If you just joined hbo max or you have had an account for a long time, but you want to watch a good TV series from Science fictiontoday we will review some of the most interesting Sci-Fi series that you can enjoy at the moment on said platform streaming. Some of them are not new, but it might be interesting to get hooked now just before they are released new seasons. Go for it.

Station Eleven

With an argument that can remind something of today, Station Eleven It is based on the work of Emily St. John Mandel. In the series she develops in a post apocalyptic world swept away by a flu pandemic. The story is told from multiple points of view and multiple timelines. A rather risky bet from HBO Max seeing the panorama that we have above us, but also a success due to the ease with which the series makes us empathize with its characters.



To talk of Westworld without doing spoilers You have to be careful, but we will try to be careful to encourage you to watch this magnificent series. Westworld is a huge western inspired amusement park. Westworld workers are androidsbut they are so well made that they are human copies: they look like people, they feel pain and even have feelings.

However, Westworld is not a place for all audiences like Disneyland would be. The park allows its visitors —all millionaires— to live a one hundred percent realistic experience. In this way, the viewers are taught how humans behave like real animals while the hosts suffer in their “meats” the barbarities of visitors every day. There are a total of three seasons, but HBO confirmed that they would work on one quarterwhich should come out this year and could also be the one that ends the series.

Raised by Wolves

Produced by Ridley Scott (who also directed the first two episodes), Raised by Wolves develop the clash between robotics and religion. The series focuses on two androids named “Father” and “Mother”. Their mission is to raise children on a barren planet, being in charge of saving humanity after the destruction of the Earth in a great world war.

However, the work of androids will not be easy. Own religious beliefs within the colony of humans that have survived the catastrophe, it will be a major obstacle, since many will consider that creating life through robots is an affront to God. At the moment, the series has two seasons: a first that was released in 2020 and the second, which premiered this week with a double episode.

Avenue 5

Put titanica and passengers in a blender. Take away the seriousness and you have a rather curious cocktail of science fiction and comedy. Avenue 5 narrates the disaster aboard an interplanetary cruise ship. Also, he has brilliant performances from Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad.

Doctor Who

We close with drwho, the most famous science fiction series and recognized of all times and that has nearly a thousand episodes behind it since its first broadcast. HBO Max does not have the broadcast rights for all the Doctor’s seasons, but it does have the most recent ones, being practically the only platform that offers its episodes outside of the British platforms that are not available in our territory.

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