5 series that arrive in August and that you can NOT miss

Summer has not traditionally been a time to expect important developments within the serial panorama of streaming platforms, which they preferred to reserve their big bets for the fall. But this 2022, don’t ask us why, it has become one of the biggest and best fictions to premiere, both on HBO Max and Netflix, Disney + and, if you allow us the grace of the end of the article, Amazon Prime Video.

The best series of August 2022

Although we have already told you about them over the last few months, we are going to get you back the list of the five premieres (plus one) that you will have ready in August on your favorite streaming platforms. And we start with the one closest to us, which will arrive on Netflix practically now.


Release date: August 5

Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book first published in 1989, tells us the story of Sandman, a cosmic being that he is captured and locked up for more than a century and that he will have the mission of traveling through different worlds and timelines to fix the chaos that has occurred after his disappearance. We’d be lying if we said we don’t feel like seeing it NOW.

I am Groot…

Release date: August 10

Product derived from Disney’s need to feed its streaming platform, I am Groot… comes to offer a new perspective one of the current members of The Guardians of the Galaxy, which we will see surrounded by some characters on their crazy trips through the stars. Each chapter will be a brief short, do not expect durations of 30 or 50 minutes.

She Hulk: Lawyer She Hulk

Release date: 17 of August

The closest relative of Bruce Banner, with almost the same powers as her cousin, returns us to a series that everyone announces that it will be for lawyers and in which we could see She Hulka defending some of the superheroes (and villains?) of the MCU. There is a lot of desire to see it to know what importance the character will have from now on within the cinematographic universe.


Release date: August 21

Without a doubt, he was one of the characters of rogue one that most captivated us and the one that Could you tell us more about the Rebellion in the making? which will lead to the events of Star Wars. So fans of starwars they have their ears pricked up in case the galactic universe under the command of Disney takes flight once and for all.

The House of the Dragon

Release date: August 21

What to say about the first spin off of one of the series that have marked the seriéfilo panorama during the last decade. We travel to the past, specifically 300 years, to verify what life is like inside the famous Targaryen housethat is, from which he was descended in the events of Game of Thrones a certain Daenerys. Is it necessary to say more to make us nervous?

And as if it were still August…

If you allow us the license, let’s pretend that August lasts a couple of days more this year. The righteous until the arrival of… do you know what series?

The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power

Release date: september 2

Indeed, just 24 hours after the end of August, we will have Amazon Prime Video available The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Powerthat It takes us back to Middle Earth but to events different from those of Peter Jackson’s film trilogies. We will meet some of the key characters that forged the history of the rings and, surely, we will finally see events evoked in the films of the cinematographic universe.

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