5 skins to improve the default appearance of AIMP

In this way, in most cases we have a Internet navigator, an office suite, an antivirus or a multimedia player. Keep in mind that at the moment most PCs are used in both professional and domestic environments. This means that many times we use our equipment to watch our favorite movies and series, play or listen to music.

Depending on the software sector towards which we want to go, as you know we have a huge number of alternatives. In this specific case we want to focus on an application that is especially suitable for our audio files, such as the aforementioned AIMP. Here we find an interesting free solution for this type of behavior with multiple functions and that does not stop growing. This is achieved thanks to the updates that its developers send us from time to time.

At the same time, it is worth noting in this sense that we have the possibility of installing some additional elements to the program itself. These will serve us both to increase its functionality, and to customize your look. In this way it should be noted that we have a series of complements in addition to several skins or skins, which are precisely what we are going to focus on now.

Current software customization options are the order of the day, allowing users adapt the program to your needs and tastes.

Change the look of AIMP with these skins

AIMP could not be less, being one of the Music players more interesting in this regard. As we mentioned before, in addition to all the default functionality that it presents us, which we add through complements, we can also radically change the appearance of the program. This is something that we carry out through a series of skins that we can install.

In this way we will be able to work on a day-to-day basis with software that is more in line with our tastes when it comes to playing our favorite music. Therefore, let’s see some interesting skins that will help us in these customization tasks.

Euphoria Lux NY v2.3: give AIMP an aspect more similar to the mythical Winamp but full of color and joy.

M5: If you prefer slightly darker and more sober tones, this is a great choice. With everything and with it, it has a light mode for certain moments.

Sony Media Tower Reborn: if you prefer to have a much more original music player, try this skin. It offers us a conventional music equipment type aspect full of details.

Dark: as its name suggests, here we find an interesting dark mode centered skin for AIMP. Mix black and red tones to give the program a more pleasant and attractive appearance.

Olimp 006: but if what you are looking for is an interface similar to that of the old tape recorders, surely you will love this proposal. It offers us a very interesting retro look for the music player.

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