5 Spanish series that you can enjoy in its catalog

Atresmedia was one of the first media companies in Spain to quickly understand that the future was also happening, not only for free-to-air channels on DTT, but above all for its own production, for having a strong streaming platform, capable of offering original content that could not be enjoyed anywhere else. So the product of that strategy (in part) are the series that we recommend today.

Many series, but we chose five

The Atresplayer Premium catalog is much more extensive than what you are going to see here, with names like two years and one day, the age of rage, the gypsy bride, Down there, Velvet, ToyBoy, farina, the fence, Loss, Apache, Wife, The Protected, etc., but we have opted for a small bouquet Made in Spain that has stood out above the rest (Although for tastes the colors).

so here We leave you with the five series that you must see yes or yes in Atresplayer Premium and then, when you have completed them, jump to all the others that we have listed. Here you have them.


It is surely one of the most iconic series of Atresplayer and that positioned the platform as a perfect place to see original content before anyone else, since they often took advantage of this shuttle to advance the arrival of chapters days before their DTT channels. Y Poison is the story of the television character who in the 90s had an impact on television thanks to his participation in a space like Martian Chronicles presented by Javier Sardá. This series traces the journey of Cristina Ortiz, from the darkest of her life on the street to the brilliance of appearing on television every day and becoming a famous face, as well as the high price she had to pay for fame. .

The knot

Two couples intersect their destinies in a sea of ​​infidelities, although a car accident will destroy everything when Daniel’s wife, admitted to the hospital, suspects that he was not alone at the time of the accident. From there, he will begin an anguished path to discover the identity of the person who accompanied him and, incidentally, settle scores in his life.

Physics or Chemistry: The Reunion

Atresmedia decided to recover the old phenomenon of the series Physics or chemistry with a reunion in which Yoli is going to get married so it becomes the best moment to bring together all the mythical characters that we remember from the first seasons of fiction from 14 years ago. So here, we will see them more grown up, we will see how the past has affected them and they will remember the good and the bad and, above all, they will take the opportunity to iron out the rough edges that were pending between some of the members of the gang.

Paco’s men

Almost as in the previous case, Atresmedia decided to revive an old series such as that of Paco’s men doing a new season. Although you have the nine originals that were released between 2005 and 2010 available in the appsthe tenth is completely current and recovers all the characters and actors to subject them to the new challenges of modern society – which has changed a lot with the advances in the internet, mobile telephony, access to Smart TVs and a technology that sometimes it’s scary to see how much he can know about all of us.

There is no one living here

With season 13 of the one that is coming about to be released in November, what better way to celebrate than by going to the original sources, to this There is no one living here that made us die of laughter and show us how bad neighbors who love and hate each other in equal parts can get along. Brilliance encapsulated in chapters of about an hour and a legendary cast that we all continue to yearn for.

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