5 Stardew Valley-like games you need to know

Stardew Valley is one of the most successful indie games of recent years, which let players run a farm with a lot of freedom. Despite its success, it is worth remembering that the idea of ​​managing a farm in a game was not created by the title, and other games also stand out with similar elements or proposals.

THE TecMasters made a selection with 5 similar games (a second list may come out in the future) with Stardew Valley in which players need to take care of their farms or help their village to prosper, which everyone should know about or give a chance. Check out!

5 Stardew Valley-like games you need to know

Hokko Life

Upon arriving by train in Hokko City, players are given the task of helping their villagers build and decorate their homes. Not only that, players will be able to pick flowers and do other relaxing activities like fishing.

One of the highlights of the title is also its crafting system, which will make the search for resources to create what the villagers need incessant.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

After taking possession of your grandfather’s farm, you must work to continue his legacy and make the farm prosper. For that, of course, you’ll have to take care of crops and even animals, which can be great allies.

One of the highlights of this title is that, similarly to Stardew Valley, it brings many events in the city to compete. Not only that, the player may even find his great love in one of these events, but he will have to work hard on the relationship.

Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a game in which players also have to take care of a farm, but its theme is quite different, as players can control characters of the following races: human, demon, elf, angel, elemental, naga and amari.

With a multiplayer mode for 8 players, the title still has numerous quests, as if it were an RPG. So, in addition to the quiet life on the farm, players will have to participate in some combats.

My Time At Portia

In a post-apocalyptic land, players take over their father’s abandoned workshop, but the work goes far beyond just fixing or creating things. In addition to befriending the locals, players also need to take care of animals and a farm.

Still similar to Stardew Valley, the game also has dungeons to be explored in which monsters need to be confronted. The first game had such a positive reception that it’s about to get a sequel, set to be released this month in early access.

Spirit of the Island

Spirit of the Island brings a slightly different story where the player needs to complete a maturity ritual to finally become an adult. This ritual, on the other hand, involves an arduous task, which is nothing less than restoring a tropical archipelago and transforming it into a tourist spot.

This restoration, in turn, includes taking care of a farm and even creating stores so that new people can inhabit the place.

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