5 systems to always carry with you and repair any PC

Regardless of the operating system that we use (especially if it is Windows), it is likely that it will suddenly stop working. We can find automatic restarts, error messages, blue screens or kernel panics, etc. When things go wrong, it’s best to take the opportunity to completely format the computer, reinstall Windows and start using the system as normal. But what if we urgently need to use the PC, or we need to recover our data?

Both formatting and repairing the system can take a long time, and if we do it in a hurry, we run the risk that something goes wrong and we lose our data, or worsen the state of the PC. To prevent this from happening, we are going to recommend 5 systems, which we can always carry with us on a USB, with which we can repair any computer which, for whatever reason, has stopped working.

Hiren’s BootCD PE

Hiren's BootCD

This is one of the most common Windows recovery systems that we can find. This tool was born in 2012, after the original project, Hiren’s BootCD, cease its development and be abandoned. This tool focuses on detecting and fixing all kinds of Windows errors. And, to do this, it loads a Live operating system with a large number of tools (antivirus, antimalware, driver updates, garbage cleaner, etc.) with which to solve these errors.

Also, of course, we will be able to access all the NTFS units connected to the computer, so, thanks to it, we will be able to access all our data even when Windows has stopped working.

The Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD

This is one of the closest alternatives to Hiren’s BootCD. In it we are going to find an infinity of tools with which we will be able to detect any problem in our PC and proceed to repair it easily. The motto of UBCD is to “bundle as many diagnostic tools as possible on a single disk.” And, the truth, he has achieved it.

This system is completely free, as are all the tools it includes. But there are sites that try to charge us for it to take advantage of its popularity. Therefore, we must be careful and avoid all these sites.

Kyhi’s Recovery Drive

Kyhi's Recovery Drive

This recovery disk opens up an environment Windows 10PE and it is loaded in Live mode to be able to boot and use our system. This alternative stands out, above all, for having a large number of tools, of all kinds, to be able to repair the computer. We can find data recovery software, antivirus programs, data management software and hard drive partitions and much more.

It is a very simple program, suitable for all types of users, that anyone can use perfectly to get out of trouble.

MediCat USB

MediCat USB - 1

MediCat is another completely free project that was born with the aim of replacing the original Hiren’s Boot CD. Its developers decided to create an operating system, which would boot from RAM, and be as complete as possible. To do this, it has an infinity of tools to be able to analyze our PC, repair it, or at least get out of trouble, without any problem.

It has antivirus tools, recovery software, a boot repair tool, diagnostic tools for the system, and even allows you to boot an operating system from RAM. A most complete tool that should always accompany us.

Gandalf’s Windows 10PE

Gandalf's Windows 10PE - Home

This system is a portable Windows designed so that we can start it when everything else does not work. It is based on the latest Windows 10 updates, and comes standard with a large number of tools and functions to be able to solve any problem with the PC. Also, it works in both MBR and GPT. We only need a 16 GB USB and 4 MB of RAM to be able to start the computer using this system.

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