5 Theme Hospital Games You Have To Play

ThemeHospital is a veteran game (1997 no less) of construction, management and business simulation, created by Bullfrog Production and published by Electronic Arts.

The game is about design and manage a private hospital. In it, we will be able to do what is typical in this genre of simulations: decorate it, equip it with all the facilities, equip it with advanced technology, make sure everything is ready and, of course, cure the patients.

As in true private healthcare, the goal is to get money to expand it and get more patients to cure, which in turn will give us more income.

ThemeHospital is a typical exponent of the genre of construction and business simulation and, if you like mechanics, do not miss these alternatives. some are just as vintage than him, but they have not lost their charm.

Startopia, my preferred option, and its modern incarnation, Spacebase Startopia

Things as they are, the original Startopia is an antique that is not in Spanish, so if you get confused with English, go to the next option. If you manage and want to travel to the past, the first classic version is the management game that you can’t miss in my humble opinion.

In this case, we must return a series of space stations to their former glory. It has all the key elements of this type of game, perfectly implemented. You can find it for PC on Steam and you will be able to run it on any machine, no matter how old it is.

If you don’t have any nostalgia, Try The Recent Incarnation, Spacebase Startopia. It is not the same, but if you have patience, the game is very good and you have it for consoles including the switch.

Dungeon Keeper 2, from the same brand as ThemeHospital

If you like the game ThemeHospital, nothing better than to continue with its creators and its excellent Dungeon Keeper 2. Here we went from space to fantasy dungeons, style of Dungeons and Dragons.

In this case, however, you will be the evil one in charge of designing such an impregnable lair, that those damn adventurers of good can not with her.

You have it for PC Windows in EA Play and, yes, It is a vestige of other times. 512 megs of RAM to play, I haven’t written that in a long time.

The Roller Coaster Tycoon saga and, in general, the Tycoon sagas

If you want to travel to a more present time, or not be limited to the PC, the legendary saga Roller Coaster Tycoon has many titles for computer, console or even mobile.

You have a lot to choose from and your mission will always be to make your amusement park the most impressive.

Not only from parks does the franchise live Tycoon, you also have airlines or even a Zoo if you like the theme better.

Rimworld, build your space colony

Is it clear that I like games set in space? Just in case you haven’t guessed, here’s another one. rimworld is a game that you can find on Steam for Windows and Mac.

At you simulate the construction of a colony in another world. You start with 3 humble colonists and the grace is in the AI ​​that it has, its mods or their implementations of ideologies.

Very good and take a narrative turn to the usual genre.

Timberborn, the most original city construction and simulation game

Warning, you can find Timberborn on Steam, but in early access. You already know what it means, that you play it while it is developing and there may be changes, as it is not yet definitely finished.

But nevertheless, the concept is original and a twist to the typical city simulator. In this case, we humans have already become extinct, which is why we are putting a lot of effort into it. The beavers take over and you will have to build an impressive city out of wood, with animals that have become aware and have problems with the water, whether it is missing or if it floods you.

As you can see, we did not want to go directly to the SimCity and little more, that you can also play it and you will not fail, it is a classic. These alternatives, mixtures of retro and modern, will delight any fan of ThemeHospital.

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