5 things about Apple that even some fanboys don’t know about

Logo change, on the brink of ruin and crazy products

As we said before, these are only five of the many curiosities that the company has. And in fact it is not that they have been discovered now, since they have been known for a long time. But probably many of those who are reading this did not know them or did not remember them.

The bitten apple logo was not the only one

It is true that Apple took little time to incorporate the figure that we currently know with its characteristic bitten apple. In fact, it is the one that gives its name to this medium that you are reading. However, it was not the first logo that they incorporated, since the history of the Apple logo began with this design by Ronald Wayne (one of the co-founders) and that was finally discarded due to its complexity. It reflected the legend of how Newton began to develop the theory of gravity when, sitting at the base of a tree, an apple fell on his head.

Do you know that the company was on the verge of bankruptcy?

Several projects of Steve Jobs in the decade of the 80 caused that, despite being one of the founders, he was fired from Apple. The company did not pay the bills and chose to change course. However, they began a path of failures that brought with it the resignation of almost all the managers who put Jobs on the street and were very close to ruin, being surpassed by their large competitors and with NeXT, founded by Jobs alone, about to to reach them too. Finally in 1996 it was decided to bring back the prodigal son and Jobs led the way of the company with devices such as the iPod, iPhone or iPad that we all know today and that were the life saver of the company.

Apple’s relationship with Pixar and Disney

At that time when Jobs was out of Apple, he met George Lucas (yes, the one from Star Wars) and worried about his Lucasfilm firm that was in free fall, or rather about Graphics Group, a subsidiary of this dedicated to the computing environment. Hence, Pixar Image Computer was born, which would initially be a computer company. Seeing that it was not going well, Jobs turned to Lawrence Levy, a proven CFO who he managed to convince to revive Pixar, although completely changing his course and focusing on audiovisual production bringing what are now mythical films like Toy Story. The Woody, Buzz and company movie was not only Pixar’s first, but also the first in history made 100 percent by computer.

Mickey Minnie apple watch time voice

Years later, with Jobs back at Apple, it was thought about acquiring this company, something that was ruled out with the appearance of Disney. However, the fact that Jobs continued to be a shareholder of Pixar and therefore of Disney, always allowed a good relationship between the companies. We see proof of the good relationship that still exists in that many Pixar films incorporate Apple devices, just as in devices like the Apple Watch we find Toy Story or Mickey and Minnie Mouse spheres.

Apple, creating a fashion line?

In its day we talked at length about Apple’s clothing line. It was in 1986 when the brand joined the world of fashion and not launching merchandising as you might expect, but with a determined commitment to creating trends. And although today we can see it as very striking and even attractive retro clothing to continue wearing, at the time it was a real fiasco. It is probably the strangest line of business for a company like this to which we always associate technological elements. And no, the clothes didn’t have chips or anything like that.

apple clothes

Now if they set trends … in the competition

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of the well-known Huawei was caught in a customs control in 2019 with a MacBook and an iPad in his suitcase. Curious if we take into account that his own company sells products of this line. However, it is not the only case, since other executives of large brands have been “discovered” using an iPhone or some other apple product. And although Apple may launch better or worse products, the truth is that its image is so popular that others try to imitate it. See but the way in which many brands now try to make their product presentations, both aesthetically during events and the infographics used, something that both Xiaomi and the aforementioned Huawei have recently imitated.

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