5 things that were left out of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

We thought it was impossible that The Lord of the Rings could be brought to the big screen, but Peter Jackson met the challenge with honor. Nevertheless, things were left along the way that appeared in the books, but not in the movie trilogy. We tell you the 5 most important ones.

Either by not confusing the argument or because the duration would shoot up to several days, important points of the books of The Lord of the rings they were left out of the movies. There are plenty of details, characters and events, but that does not detract from Jackson’s masterpiece.

In order not to miss them so much, we tell you 5 of the most important absences.

1. Elrohir and Elladan

It’s clear that putting in more characters would have been too much for the movies, but we miss Elrohir and Elladan.

These two elves have a prominent role in the books, perform important tasks and, above all, accompany Aragorn as he marches in search of the army of the dead.

2. The looting of the Shire

The moment when Saruman takes control of the Shire, during the final events of the third book of The Lord of the ringsIt is hardly seen in the movies, but it was an important fact in the novels.

In the penultimate chapter of the book The return of the King, the hobbits return to their home, which has been transformed by Saruman into a kind of forced labor camp. They then initiate an uprising that culminates in the Battle of Of the water, with victory Hobbit.

Probably, being an epilogue, putting in another battle scene would have been strange and played down the climax with Sauron.

3. Merry and Pippin’s capture by Old Man Willow (and rescue them)

During the trip of the hobbits many encounters and adventures occur to fulfill his mission. One of them is that Merry and Pippin get trapped by Old Man Willow. This fact and that character are completely ignored in the movie.

We will see the reason a little later, but you have probably already recognized its savior, and what we are talking about, in the image above.

4. The capture of Frodo by a tumulary (and his rescue)

We are not repeating ourselves. On the way to the destruction of the One Ring, Frodo falls into the clutches of a sinister Womb, a dark and sinister being.

Again, his catch and rescue is completely ignored in the films and everything connects with the next point and the great absentee of the film trilogy.

5. Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil is a strange being who lives in the forests that surround La Comarca. It is mentioned for the first time in The Fellowship of the Ring, when Merry and Pippin are caught by that Old Man Willow which we have talked about, but which does not appear in the movies.

The decision to leave him out disappointed many fans, due to the fascinating nature of the character.

In fact, even in the books it seems a bit out of place in the story. It is implied in the text that has enormous powers, because he is the one who saves Merry, Pippin and Frodo when they are captured by the enemies that we have related. And it does it without any effort.

On top of that, the One Ring doesn’t affect him and he seems capable of picking it up with two fingers and tossing it like a marble at Mount Doom without disheveled. Basically, he is a being that the whole War of the Ring, which endangers the world, is brought loose, as if they were children arguing and he played in another league.

Tom Bombadil is the great absentee in the movies and, considering how some critics are heavy on eagles and that they are a kind of deus ex machina, almost better. They would have another argument that nobody wants to hear to detract from a trilogy of practically perfect films.

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