5 things you can do with GarageBand that you didn’t know

Although GarageBand is not one of the most used applications in the Apple world, it is a very good tool for making music or editing audio. Surely you have used it at some point, either to convert audio or to test how you would play some instruments. However, it has certain uses that not everyone knows about and that can be very useful. In this post we tell you

Uses you can give to GarageBand

GarageBand is an application that not everyone uses on a daily basis nor is it one of the best known, but it has many different uses. In addition to being able to create your own songs and mix them, you’ll be able to manage many other things that you probably didn’t know about. Some of them are these:

  • Create a podcast: To record a podcast with GarageBand you just have to select the option on the home screen, add a microphone track with which we will record our voice through the microphone connected by USB to the computer. You can improve your recording by adding music, sound effects and other audio. Also, for those cases in which it is going to be shared in video format, you can include illustrations, bookmarks, URL addresses, chapter titles or information about your episodes. A very complete option if you want to start in the world of podcasts, which is also included in your computer and you won’t have to download anything additional.
  • Jam with other users: You can compose music with other GarageBand users over a shared Wi-Fi connection. There will have to be a leader, who will be the one to create a “jam session” that up to three members of the group can join. Playback and recording of all devices is synchronized, so all members can perform and record at the same time, as a group. The leader can have exclusive control of playback and recording or share control with all members.


  • Use Classwork with GarageBand: Using the Classwork app, teachers can add GarageBand activities to handouts and assign them to students. Also, a project can be attached to a card and shared by the teacher and students with each other through iCloud Drive. To use GarageBand with Classwork, the Classwork app must be installed on your device and you must sign in with the Managed Apple ID for your class or school.
  • Mirror GarageBand to an Apple TV: You can mirror the GarageBand app along with its audio output to an Apple TV through the screen mirroring feature. To mirror GarageBand to an Apple TV from an iPad, the first thing you need to do is make sure the device and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you have verified this, you must open the control center, click on the “mirror screen” button and click on Apple TV. With these two simple steps you can now enjoy GarageBand on your Apple TV.

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  • Use other music apps with GarageBand: If you have Audio Units extensions or Inter-App Audio apps installed on your device, you can use them with GarageBand as instruments or effects. You can purchase Audio Units extensions and Inter-App Audio apps from the App Store or from third-party providers. You will be able to add both tracks and instruments from Audio Units and Inter-App in a very simple way. Thanks to this, your experience with GarageBand can be much more complete.

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