5 Tips For Getting Followers On TikTok

You’ve probably already joined TikTok or are at least considering doing so because it has become a social network that attracts attention due to the fact that its algorithm is often said to be much more friendly than Instagram’s…

Instagram vs. TikTok: Instagram has long been the favourite social network of many (it has been downloaded by 2 billion users!), but TikTok is not lagging behind and offers the possibility to enjoy only videos in an infinite download, as well as a possibility of growth that is very attractive for new users. 

In addition, the way their algorithms work and how they show us the posts on both platforms is very striking. We start by telling you that several studies have shown that users spend more time on TikTok (approximately one hour of their day), and this may be due to the type of content that is more entertaining or dynamic. Although there are many ways to get more followers, people are more inclined to buy TikTok followers as it saves time and bring better results.

Instagram’s algorithm shows you content depending on the performance of each post, while TikTok’s algorithm tries to analyse your likes and interests to keep that within your timeline (plus: they do not always account that you follow, but content that you discover as part of the platform’s suggestions). 

You might be wondering como ganhar seguidores no Tik Tok? This is the million-dollar question, so read on because here are five tips to help you:

#1 Consistency is key

As with many social networks, TikTok will be no exception: if you want to have a presence on the platform and get real followers and real engagement, then you need to make sure you are constantly posting content so that you can attract the interest of more and more people.

Once you test your consistency and define what kind of content your audience expects, we assure you that your chances of reaching the For You Page are much higher, and what is more important: you will find people who are interested in you and your content, but first, you must determine very well what exactly that content is.

Have you got it clear yet?

If you take a tour of TikTok, you’ll see that everything is full of trending songs, new challenges or dances that everyone is repeating many times. Keeping an eye on these trends will be very important to take advantage of them and be able to get people to see you and discover your profile. 

Plus, if you’re lucky, you can go viral, get thousands or hundreds of thousands of views and increase your number of followers overnight (literally), all by paying attention to trends. The best way to get the latter is by browsing the “For You” hashtag or the discovery page.

#3 Get creative and post!

Yes, yes, we’ve told you that you should follow trends to increase your chances of reaching more people and going viral, but you can also get creative and try different but useful videos for your audience. You could even get creative and create your own trend, don’t you think that’s great? 

Remember that like most algorithms, TikTok favours those accounts that constantly create content and allow more users to stay on the platform, so try to create and see what kind of material works for you to keep improving and sharing your content constantly (you can even have a strategy for this platform and posting days). 

#4 Share good quality videos 

Ok, you might start with simple videos and watch your community grow, but once you get consistent users and know what they like or expect, think about improving the quality of your videos (if you haven’t already).

This will get their attention and they will be waiting to see what other video is coming up to enjoy it. You can play with filters, images, small slideshows and seamless transitions. 

#5 Interact with your audience and other like-minded accounts

Although TikTok is a highly addictive platform that seems to be made to follow different trends, dance, learn how to make coffee, among many other things, in the end, it is also a social network that allows you to interact with your community or with accounts that do similar work to yours, or that simply catch your attention.

We want to end by encouraging you to enjoy the process of creating content on a new platform, interacting with your community members and just having fun, because then others will too. We know that social media can be difficult at times, but we are sure you will build a community that will encourage you to keep doing great work. 

We wish you every success in your journey on TikTok, and we hope these tips can be useful in your process. See you soon!

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