5 tricks to make your cell phone battery last longer, you will be surprised!

The connectivity It has become a priority for mobile device users regardless of the country they live in, and this was evidenced a couple of weeks ago with the collapse of several social networks. Besides this kind of faults technology, another of the concerns that frequently concern people who use cell phones to communicate is the duration of their battery.

There are many factors that intervene in the consumption of the battery of the mobiles and in the same way they exist tricks or methods for you to identify the reason that your mobile slows down and how you can anticipate this happening. Some of the causes include model device, the number of applications you have installed and the level of storage you have.

Therefore, we will clarify your Doubts And you will find that when the exhaustion of the battery of your cell phone or the slowdown of the team is constant, it does not always mean that it is necessary to change equipment. It doesn’t matter if you have a model Android or iPhone, these tricks will help you anticipate any possible inconvenience regarding the consumption the battery or what to do if the speed the cell phone becomes slow.

5 tricks to extend your cell phone battery

Follow these recommendations and make your team more efficient. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro
  • Restart your device: The effectiveness of this alternative is that in this way the cell phone forces the closure of processes that could have remained static and also because in this way the memory of the team. This would be the first alternative before other resources if the faults continue.
  • Uninstall apps you don’t use: This resource is more effective than forcing the closure of certain applications when your phone begins to register some failures; when you do, the resources are freed, and this allows both the system and the rest of the applications functions with greater agility.
  • Do not install applications that “speed up” the device: And the reason is that the remedy could be worse than the disease since in most cases what they do is close open applications or in the background, and this closure can be counterproductive for your computer.
  • Use “lightweight” apps: Installing applications in lite (light) versions, such as Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite, will help your phone enjoy more storage, since some apps tend to move heavily on your computer’s system, which causes it to become slower.
  • Do not force the closing of the apps: We know that it is a very recurring habit among all users of cell phones who do it with the hope that the team will become more agile, however it is a mistake, since experts continue to recommend that it be the system itself that manages their exercise.

Finally, it is recommended to frequently monitor the percentage of the battery capacity of mobile phones, since when it is low it is common for the team becomes slow. In case the problem persists, even in situations where the battery is still sufficient, it is time to check the status of the battery. Keep an eye on the space of storage frequently and remove those applications that you do not use or the files that only occupy space.

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