5 tricks to prevent ransomware, the malware that steals your data

The Internet brought with it the ability to access all kinds of information from any connected device. However, it has also promoted the appearance of different types of malware that have become popular over time. One of these malicious softwares is ransomware. We are talking about dangerous malware, so even if we have security software we can be exposed to its attacks and with them, the privacy of our data is exposed.

What is ransomware

Ransomware is a well-known type of malware that is becoming a lucrative method widely used by cybercriminals. These take care of block or encrypt our computerr, files and even entire networks, extorting us later to free them in exchange for a ransom. This dangerous software is capable of encrypting data twice, so we will have to pay double to recover it.

This malware is especially active in the face of organizations and companies that have computer servers, this being especially vulnerable since their networks are permanently connected. Thus, hackers are able to take advantage of its vulnerabilities to compromise the personal data of millions of customers.

If we want to deal with ransomware and eliminate it when it is already inside our computer, it is something at least very difficult to do because we would need the encryption code. Therefore, the most important technique is based on prevention.

Tips to prevent rather than regret

Many of the malware attacks can be due to a bad decision by the user who is unaware of the effects that a bad decision can have. One of the most widely used techniques to transmit ransomware is phishing in emails or forged messages. That is why it is advisable not to open emails or attachments from unknown senders. Likewise, if we receive an email from a known contact that includes an attachment or link, it is convenient that we verify with the sender that it is safe before opening it.

Pending updates from Windows Update

We must also avoid disable Our antivirus software is our main security system and if we do not have it active we will be exposed to any type of contagion. Nor should we download files or software from unknown sites Well, if they can be sites that hackers use to deliver malicious software to our computer. The downloads whenever possible, which are made from the official website and directly. Regarding the system updates, we must try to always keep them up to date. Do not forget that Windows is a very popular operating system, so most cybercriminals will target their attacks to exploit vulnerabilities in this system.

Acronis Backup

In addition, it is especially useful to have a updated backup both offline and in the cloud in case we fall victim to a ransomware attack. In this way we can protect our most valuable files against extortion and threats from cybercriminals.

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