5 tweaks that will make your Windows 10 boot faster

When we turn on our Windows-based computer, we generally have to wait a few seconds, or even minutes, until the system boots. On certain occasions, this waiting can become a real torture, but it is something that we can partly correct.

With this, what we want to tell you is that we have the possibility of accelerating the startup of the Microsoft operating system with some changes. It must be taken into consideration that we are facing a tremendously complex and complete operating system. That is why its implementation, especially on somewhat old or limited PCs, takes a while. However, thanks to all the functionality that this software presents, we can still optimize its startup with some specific changes.

In this way, what we achieve is save some time in a task that we must carry out practically on a daily basis on the computer. In addition, in some cases and with certain changes that we are going to mention, we managed to free part of the resources that are part of our PC. With all this, in addition to getting the Windows operating system to boot faster, we gain some fluency in the execution and use of installed programs.

Therefore, below, we will talk about a series of adjustments that you can carry out to improve this aspect of the system. The interesting thing is that we can modify Windows in a simple way even if we do not have advanced knowledge about this software. ( What we want to tell you is that you can carry out these adjustments even if you are starting to work with Windows 10.

Speed ​​up Windows 10 startup with these tricks

The first thing we are going to do to achieve this goal is to open the system device manager. This is something we achieve with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Next, we go to the tab called Home, where we will have the possibility of disable all those programs that we do not want to run when the PC starts up. Many of them configure themselves unnecessarily at system startup.

administrator home

We must do something similar with Windows UWP applications that run automatically when the system starts. In this case we have to access the Configuration application by means of the Win + I key combination and go to the Applications section. Here, in the Home section we can also uncheck all those UWPs that we can do without at startup.

On the other hand, we also have the possibility to activate the quick start function built into Windows. This is something that we achieve from the Power Options, placing us in Choose the behavior of the on / off buttons.

quick start

As soon as we start the system, the first thing we find is the lock screen that asks us for access credentials. In addition, in this we find other additional elements that we can eliminate to speed up the start-up of Windows. This is something that we achieve again from the Settings application, in this case placing us in the Personalization section. From here we will already have the opportunity to choose the elements that we want to remove from this aforementioned lock screen.

To finish, we will tell you that, if we access the MSConfig function, we also improve the start-up of the system by simply checking the option No GUI boot.

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