5 very fun games that Amazon is giving away for Prime Day

It is getting easier and easier to get free games in these times of flat rates. On PC, for example, we have the weekly gifts from the Epic Games Store or whatever. offers Amazon through Prime Gaming, where releases arrive periodically that we can claim simply for having contracted the annual Prime shipping rate of your store. So out of everything we have available right now, which games are the most fun?

A well-stocked catalog

The fact is that for almost a year, it has become popular among gamers visit Prime Gaming home page to see what news they are adding. They are not rabidly current games, because logically some of them are old, but they are names that have been triumphing in recent times. Authentic classics of those that always like to revisit and remember, so it is not difficult to start playing a game again.

And starting from that simple premise, with the celebration of Prime Day, we have made a selection of 5 games that you must claim yes or yes within Prime Gaming right now. And they are these:

metal slug 2

The SNK classic that originally appeared for arcades and Neo Geo, in the 90s, It is one of those fixed that you must play again every once in a while: a good arcade game, with superb graphics that have barely gone out of style and bomb-proof fun (literally). Having it for free and not claiming it is a sin.

The Darkside Detective

These LucasArts style adventures from the 90s are a delight because in Prime Gaming you have two parts to enjoy. The game is composed of several cases detectives that we must solve, all with the common denominator of mystery and the paranormal as the engine of the argument, which is reinforced by that style point and click of the mythical graphic adventures of 30 years ago.

Escape from Monkey Island

And since we are talking about graphic adventures, we come to the one that is one of the best known sagas of the genre. Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth installment as such originally released by LucasArts in the year 2000 and this opportunity that Prime Gaming gives us is perfect to remember what happened with Guybrush and Eleaine before it is released Return to Monkey Island that, if nothing and no one prevents it, will arrive at the end of 2022.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

It was a pleasant surprise at the time because It is a game that is inspired by the old platform classics that were so successful in the 90s for consoles like Mega Drive or Super Nintendo although, yes, applying a layer of sheet metal and 3D paint that suits you wonderfully. It is easy to understand, to start playing and to enjoy. And above colorful and with original mechanics. Can we ask for more?

far cry 4

For the end we leave one of the best games in recent yearsa far cry 4 which is not only a technical wonder, but also ensures fun for hundreds of hours (we are not exaggerating). A huge open world, hundreds of missions to complete, total freedom of movement and a story that encourages us to end up with a villain who rules in a country at the gates of the Himalayas.

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