5 websites where you can create professional resumes

When we go to look for a job, one of the most important points is the curriculum. If we want to have at least the opportunity to get to the interview, our work history must enter the eyes of human resources and, if possible, the head of the company. A poorly done, sloppy, and “ugly” resume is one of the main reasons why we can be discarded. But we can avoid that very easily with these websites.

Gone are the days when a good resume had to be done in Word. If today we want to apply for a good job, the first thing we need is to make a good first impression. And, for this, these websites are going to be of great help to us.


This website has been created by the European forum to help citizens of the European Union to search for and find work in any of the member countries. To do this, the website allows us to create our own work profile so that we are already registered and companies can consult our profile. In addition to personal information, we must also enter our work experience, education and training, personal skills and much more.

It also allows us to translate it into multiple languages, share it via a link, and much more. In addition to a unique and well-crafted CV, it serves as a second resume that we can attach to the main one, for example, by means of a QR.

Can create the European CV from the Europass website.


Canva Resume

Surely we have heard of Canva as a free design tool, which we can use from the browser, alternative to Photoshop. In addition to making all kinds of compositions, one of its qualities is that it allows us to create our personalized CV from the browser. To do this, it has a wide variety of free templates that we can customize to give it the touch we are looking for.

We can access Canva from this link.



This platform allows us to create our own resume from templates, although we will have to pay to access the best designs. Of course, we must take into account that it has one of the best editors, so that, even if the template is not the best, we can spend time and give it the perfect final look.

From here we can access Do You Buzz.

Resume Login

Resume Login

If we are familiar with Office, this program is for us. CV Login has a very easy-to-use editor that will allow us to create our own curriculum vitae in a few minutes. The interface is very clear and simple, in addition to having templates that greatly facilitate our work.

Here we can create our resume with CV Login.



Another of the most complete websites that we can find to create our own online curriculum is this one. And its name leaves no room for doubt. To create our card, we just have to choose one of the many templates that it offers us, edit the data to add our information and that’s it.

In addition, another of her strong points is that she shows us examples and gives us recommendations to be able to get a resume suitable for any human resources department. Once finished, we can download it in PDF, or share it directly through a URL.

We can create the curriculum by entering the Online CV website.

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