5-year-old boy with rare syndrome battles Covid-19 and clings to life: doctors don’t think he’ll make it

Rupert Moore is five years old and a few days ago tested positive for Covid-19 after there were confirmed cases both at home and at school; Nevertheless, your health is severely compromised because it suffers Vici syndrome and the doctors they don’t think the little one will survive.

The child was hospitalized on November 24, because what began three days before as fatigue ended up complicating, leaving him without strength, so he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital; however, it was transferred to the uintensive care unit at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, where her mother Camilla was told that the child would not last more than 48 hours.

Despite his young age, Rupert is considered a population at risk since he suffers Vici syndrome, a serious and rare disease that was diagnosed in 2017 and characterized by causing several abnormalities in body systems, including the immune, nervous, brain, circulatory or skin; also causes degeneration in tissues, vision failures and albinism, in some cases.

For this reason, their health is deteriorated due to Covid-19, since their systems are weak, in addition to he is deaf, cannot see, cannot eat alone, and suffers from epilepsy. When Camilla was told that the boy had the disease, in 2017, the prognosis was that he would not live more than 4 years, but now he is 5.

Clings to live

Has already passed one week since Rupert’s hospitalization and all are shocked by the way he clings to life and defies grim prognoses, even though he is delicate. The English media The Mirror reported that his mother is hopeful and in the spirit that this episode will soon pass.

“He’s fighting so far and is having small improvements; now you can open your eyes and the infection is slowly disappearingBut it will be a long process, “said the 28-year-old, who said her other two children, ages 9 and 3, miss Rupert very much.

The little boy and his family do not live in London, but in a small village called Herne Bay, in Kent, two hours from the English capital, so they are raising funds to pay for his lodging and medical expenses for the hospital where he is located. little.


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