511 Apple Stores around the world are finally open after 17 months of intermittent closings

Finally this week Apple can boast of having all its Stores in the world open. The 511 The company’s physical stores are open to the public. Due to the happy pandemic, this had not happened for 17 months.

Great news, without a doubt. And not for Apple, because it has been able to resist without many problems with stores closed for so long, thanks to online sales. But for all of us, since it means that little by little we are winning the war against the damned covid-19. Bravo.

After 17 months of intermittent closures in the different Apple stores distributed throughout the planet, June 15, 2021 has been marked in the history of the company as the first day that all 511 Apple stores are open to the public simultaneously.

The 511 Apple Stores are to a greater or lesser extent active around the world. Depending on the country, many offer direct in-store purchases without an appointment and others open only for online order picking, based on a Tuesday morning check of each store location on Apple’s website.

This had not occurred since January 4, 2020. That day Apple Stores began to close in some areas due to the pandemic. And as the virus spread to different parts of the planet, stores were closing.

Depending on how the transmission of the virus was evolving in each country, the stores would reopen, to later close again when the infection rates increased. There were stores that were closed and reopened until four times in the last 17 months.

Finally, Apple can now confirm that it has all its physical stores operational. One more sign that little by little we are returning to a certain normality, at least in those countries where the process of vaccination it is very advanced.

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