55-inch Panasonic HZ1000 OLED for only 779 euros: an unrepeatable offer

An OLED for less than 800 euros? that’s right and it’s not just anyone, but we’re talking about the 55-inch Panasonic HZ1000 OLED for only 779 euros at Mediamarkt. We continue with several limit offers as the new 2022 model units begin to arrive. Today we are facing one of them, since we do not remember seeing such a high-end OLED at such a low price. We are talking about the spectacular Panasonic HZ1000the one that won our comparison between the LG OLED, Sony A9 and Philips 865 in the year 2020. And the price is just amazing: 779 euros at Mediamarkt that is the price they ask for this audiovisual wonder.

Buy the 55″ Panasonic HZ1000 OLED for 779 euros

What can the Panasonic HZ1000 offer us that no other model can? The first thing is that we are facing an OLED television, that is, it has more than 8 million pixels that light up completely autonomously, creating unparalleled contrast and three-dimensionality in the image. TOIn addition, this TV has support for all HDR formats on the market: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HDR10 + and HLGso we will never be left without seeing our favorite movie in the highest possible quality.

moving on to the image quality, which is what is really important in a television like this, Panasonic makes a lot of emphasis that its models are very well adjusted by expert colorists in Hollywood. And while it’s true that no TV is perfect out of the box, the HZ1000 comes pretty close. The image quality and color of this panel is PRIDE. With capital letters, PRIDE.

In SDR sources, its scaling is brilliant, obtaining a very organic sharpness and nothing artificial, in addition to treating compressed signals in the best possible way, rivaling several models from other manufacturers of 2021: neither noise, compression nor even a trace of flashes or problems in the shadowy areas, with exquisite shadow detail and without excessive banding or posterization (although if the material has it, we will see it more than in other brands when not have a filter Smooth Gradation).

panasonic jz2000If we go to the sector HDR, the quality is still absolutely AMAZINGwith one of the best Tone mapping From the market, without burning any detail in the whites or lowering the brightness of the scene. Amazing. HDR luminance curve tracking is seamless, just like a professional studio monitor, creating a jaw-dropping 3D effect in HDR. In addition, the brightness of this panel is around 750 nits at 10%, more than average.

The Panasonic HZ1000 has been very careful by its creators to align as much as possible with the standards of Hollywood moviegoers. That is why it has two image modes very close to the norm: Filmmaker Mode (available in SDR and HDR10) and Dolby Vision IQbeing the best implemented Dolby dynamic system of all the brands we have seen, since just slightly raise the gamma between 5 and 10-15% without losing the absolute black. Thanks to intelligent sensingyou can activate Dolby Vision IQ and you will see the image just like at night with Dolby Vision Dark mode.

To conclude, we are faced the TV with the best colorimetry on the market, even surpassing its 2021 brothers. And improving them in several areas (although it seems contradictory), such as grading, cleanup of compressed material, color banding, etc. It is, without a doubt, the best possible television for those whose main use is pure and simple cinema. And now you can do it for only 779 euros for an entire high-end OLED like this one at Mediamarkt.

Buy the 55″ Panasonic HZ1000 OLED for 779 euros

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