57% of SMEs will increase their investment in digital transformation

digitization It continues to be a challenge for SMEs, which has now become a long-distance race. In Spain, 57% of them that already have a digital strategy in place plans to increase its investment in digital presence in the next two years, according to a study by enterprise software opinion platform Capterra. This is a survey on digital presence and strategy in SMEs in Spain that existed before the start of the pandemic and that adopted a digital environment before or during it.

For SMEs that think their digital investment will grow, most associate digital presence with earning more revenue. 58% of this segment of companies surveyed indicate that your current strategy is working well, so they believe that continuing to invest should help them bill more. For their part, 27% are still working on configuring their digital strategy, so they need to invest more to fully implement it.

Only 6% of the SMEs surveyed believe that their investment in digital strategy will be reduced in the next two years. Within that group, more than half have already made a significant investment at the beginning of the digitization process. On a smaller scale, these companies will invest less because they are considering an alternative to the digital strategy that they think will work better for them and, on the other hand, they need to cut costs.

Data Collection: The Most Outstanding Digital Strategy

For 67% of the study participants, data collection is the most important digital strategy in their company today. The use of data derived from interactions between users and digital platforms has several advantages: it can help brands to better personalize the consumer experience, make decisions based on information, justify investments and efforts, establish KPIs, understand the customer behavior and identify new sales opportunities.

Social media campaigns are the second most important digital strategy for Spanish SMEs in the study, specifically for 66%. In this aspect, a recent global study by Capterra shows that 45% of international online consumers use social media daily to search for brand information.

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Likewise, having a well-positioned website helps, not only in brand visibility, but also in registering more traffic and improving business sales. For this reason, 60% of the companies surveyed take into account the seo strategies to optimize your search engine rankings.

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