5G connections will exceed 1 billion this year, and will double in 2025

5G connections, little by little, are increasing all over the world. So much so that this year they will already be a fifth of all and will exceed 1,000 million. This is how it is reflected in the GSMA Mobile Economy report, which also details that this figure will double by 2025. At this rate, the penetration of 5G is being faster than that of other previous generations of mobile connectivity technology. Neither 3G nor 4G reached 2.2% of the total until more than a year and a half after it came into operation, and in that time 5G has already achieved 5.5%.

Currently, according to the report, there are already almost 200 5G networks in operation in 70 countries around the world. In them there are 68 operators that offer 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services and 23 offer independent local 5G services (SA). Its strong demand is probably due to the speed with which it is being rolled out. Thus, according to GSMA forecasts, by 2025 almost two-thirds of mobile connections in North America will use 5G as their main connectivity standard. Of course, this means that telecommunications operators will have to make an effort to achieve it. So much so that the report indicates that 98% of the investments that will be made in the next five years will be destined for the deployment of 5G.

To help with these 5G rollout costs, carriers are sure to look to Open RAN technology, which offers interoperability standards for telecommunications equipment. That leaves buyers to choose and mix and match different types of devices and equipment, which, at least in theory, limits their costs by fostering competition between providers.

Alex Sinclair, GSMA CTO, has stated that “5G has a much larger market share of global mobile connections than 3G or 4G had at the same point in their life cycles. Its momentum is due to several factors, including innovative plans, video streaming services, increased sales of 5G handsets, and network coverage expansions. Furthermore, the launch of 5G services in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa over the last few years means that the technology is available in all regions of the world. This is why we are prepared to see more growth and more transformation for services«.

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