5G definitely does not pose a health risk, says ANSES

The health agency confirms its preliminary studies, in a new report published yesterday which considers the health risks linked to 5G to be “unlikely”.

Deployed for more than a year in France, 5G does not present any convincing risk to the health of users, estimates ANSES in a new final report published on Thursday. After several already encouraging preliminary studies, the National Health Security Agency has just delivered its conclusions: it is thus “unlikely that the deployment of 5G will lead to new health risks, compared to previous generations of telephony”.

The result of a survey conducted over six weeks between April and June 2021, ANSES estimates that 5G does not present more risks than 4G and 3G. While hundreds of antennas have already been installed throughout the territory, the agency details: “Overall EMF exposure levels will be comparable to or slightly higher than existing technologies.” As with previous generations, whose frequencies were between 700 MHz AND 2.1 GHz, it would thus seem that 5G and its 6.5 GHz does not significantly modify our level of exposure to waves.

Note, however, that behind this reassuring assessment, ANSES does not take into account the 26 GHz bands, the latter not yet being available in France. Research will have to be carried out when the time comes, in order to determine the potential risks associated with these new frequencies, and in particular on “the development of cancer, impaired brain function or fertility”.

The environmental question also raises questions

Deployed in the fall of 2020 in France, 5G still arouses many concerns, both from its detractors who accuse it of being harmful to health, and from those who point the finger its ecological impact. According to calculations made by the High Council for the Climate in December 2020, the deployment of 5G could add between 2.7 and 6.7 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2030. What weigh heavily on the digital industry .

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