5G: the TIM operator obtains a speed of 5 Gb / s, an absolute record in Europe

The European 5G speed record has just been broken by TIM. By combining 3.7 GHz frequencies with 26 GHz millimeter waves, the Italian operator has managed to display a constant speed of 5 Gb / s, with peaks recorded at 5.2 Gb / s. Another step taken towards the democratization of very high mobile speed, according to the CEO of Qualcomm.

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Now well established in the global telecom park with no less than 520 million users across the globe, the 5 G does not yet show uniform results across all territories. In France, for example, the speeds are relatively disappointing, due among other things to the too few antennas installed and the use of the improved 4G bands. Meanwhile, in Italy, we are breaking records.

The TIM operator has indeed managed to achieve a constant speed of 5 Gb / s, peaks having even been recorded at 5.2 Gb / s. To do this, the company with 30 million subscribers used both 3.7 GHz frequencies, which it combined with millimeter waves of 26 GHz. These have not yet been allocated in France. To date, it is the highest speed reached in Europe.

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In Italy, 5G shows speeds of 5 Gb / s

“With this new European record, which is based on the most innovative elements of 5G technology – from millimeter waves to the 5G Stand Alone architecture – we are confirming our position as a benchmark operator in the evolution of networks and services for the Gigabit Society ”, said Stefano Siragusa, head of TIM’s network and operations.

To achieve this impressive result, the operator has enlisted the help of Ericsson, who recently assured that 5G will be the standard in 2027, and by Qualcomm, whose boss Enrico Salvatori stressed that “This development marks another step towards unlocking the next step in 5G which will expand its capabilities through mobile broadband, industrial IoT, fixed wireless and 5G private network applications”.

In 2018, TIM invested 2.4 billion euros to get their hands on the necessary 5G frequencies, a sum twice the initial calculations and which did not fail to make more than one tick. Still, the latter allowed the operator to pulverize the previous record set at 4 Gb / s, again achieved using millimeter waves.

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